Diet drinks can lead to depression

According to a new study by scientists from the American Academy of Neurology, regular consumption of sweetened drinks, especially diet drinks with sugar substitutes, is associated with a high risk of depression among adults.

As part of a study lasting one year, scientists studied the use of different foods among people aged 50 – 71 years.

After 10 years, scientists analyzed the participants’ mental health status. Overall, 4% of subjects had developed depression. According to one of the authors of the study, Dr. Hongley Chen, the frequent intake of sweetened foods was associated with a moderately high risk of depression, with participants in the highest risk group who consumed diet soda.

At the moment, scientists can not explain the relationship, but the results of the study demonstrate that drinks containing artificial sugar substitutes can have a negative effect on human health. Such artificial sweeteners include saccharin, splenda, aspartame.

It was also found that people who consume four cups of coffee a day are 10% less likely to develop a depressed state compared to those who do not drink coffee at all.

Depression May Cause Infectious Disease

Professor Turhan Canli of Stony Brook University has put forward a theory about the causes of depression. The professor published his arguments on this subject in the journal Biology of Mood and Anxiety Disorders.

According to the scientist, often depression is not the result of an emotional disorder, but is provoked by peculiar microorganisms (bacteria and viruses), so it can be considered an infectious disease.

Dr. Kunli believes that specialists who are trying to find the causes of depression in human genes are moving in the wrong direction. He also encourages specialists from all over the world to begin research on his theory.

One cannot but agree that the professor’s arguments have logic – after all, as was correctly noted in patients suffering from depression, doctors often observed symptoms similar to signs of infectious diseases – such as a breakdown.

In addition, when conducting studies in people with depression, inflammatory processes in the brain were repeatedly noted, which indicates the activation of the immune system, which often happens during the body’s struggle with bacteria, viruses and parasites.

There are also pathogens like Toxomaplasma gondii, their habitat is the digestive system of cats, however, when rodents enter the body, Toxomaplasma gondii causes various changes in behavior.

Internet Addiction: Does It Exist?

Since we live in a world of modern technology, computers and vital space have long been an integral part of our lives. Some people are known to be too attached to the internet. Nevertheless, at the moment it is quite difficult to accurately and accurately select a definition for the disorder caused by an addiction to the Internet.

Most of the original research was based on the weakest research methodology, known as preliminary studies that do not contain a clearly defined hypothesis or rational reasons for their implementation. This non-theoretical approach, however, has certain advantages, however, quite often it is not recognized as an acceptable approach for studying a new disorder. A recently completed study covered a large area of ​​original case-control surveys and research reports.

An original study on Internet addiction began with preliminary surveys that could not establish a causal relationship between specific types of behavior and their causes. Despite the fact that such surveys can help establish a description of how people feel about themselves and their behavior, they still cannot lead to certain conclusions as to whether such a specific technology as the Internet serves as the real reason for the observed behavior. The findings are not objective, made by researchers who can ignore the common cause.

Do some people have real problems because they spend too much time on the Internet? Sure, yes. some people experience the same problems because they spend too much time reading, watching TV programs, and working, which leads to ignoring family members, friends, and social activity. However, is it worth proposing teledependence, book dependence, and work dependence as legitimate mental disorders that belong to the same category as schizophrenia and depression? Unlikely. Nevertheless, unfortunately, there is a tendency among professional health workers and researchers to brand anything that could be potentially dangerous to health with a new diagnostic category. And this may turn out to be more harmful than the investigated disorder itself.

What can people who consider themselves addicted to the Internet suffer more from? As it turned out, this reluctance to meet with real problems in their lives. Such problems may include mental disorders (depression, anxiety), serious health problems or even disability, as well as difficulties in family or romantic relationships with a partner. Long communication on the Internet is no different from going for a walk with friends or watching a TV program instead of spending time with your family. such behavior differs only in modality.

Some people hanging in the virtual space but not having any serious real problems may suffer from compulsive overuse of the Internet. In this case, it is not technology or addiction that is important, the behavior itself is important, which is easy to correct using traditional cognitive-behavioral techniques currently used in modern psychotherapy.

Case studies are generally considered an alternative to preliminary surveys; they are used to test conclusions about the excessive use of virtual space. However, they also have their difficulties and negative aspects. First of all, it is the inability to draw any conclusions regarding the millions of people who like to stay online, relying on data only from studies of one or two specific users. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that many media resources use such research to illustrate the problem. However, this does not contribute to a further understanding of the real problem and its possible explanations.

Siberian scientists have created a drug for depression

Scientists from the Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS and the Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry named after N.N. Vorozhtsova SB RAS created a drug that can cure depression. The new drug TC-2153 has a beneficial effect on the serotonin system. According to one of the most common theories about the origin of depression, a person’s level of serotonin in the brain decreases.

At the moment, the TC-2153 preparation is undergoing a preclinical test phase. During experiments with mice, experts were convinced that this drug has good antidepressant properties. Scientists believe that their development can help in the treatment of serious psychopathology.

Depression is the most common brain disease. It is believed that in industrial countries, about 20% of the population suffers from its clinical form. According to experts, by 2030, depression among the causes of disability in developed countries will take second place. In Russia, treatment for depression usually begins after the patient tries to commit suicide, since it is widely believed in society that mental suffering is not a reason to seek help from a specialist.

Yoga helps pregnant women deal with depression

Pregnancy affects both the physical health of women and their mental well-being. Sometimes you can hear even such a term as “pregnant depression.” Most women do not want to take medications to treat this condition, nor do they visit a psychotherapist. Scientists have found that yoga helps to improve well-being and helps to set up a pregnant woman in the right way. Information on this subject was provided by Business Standard.

As part of the study, 34 women did perinatal yoga. The program was developed taking into account the capabilities and potential of women bearing a child. During the study, experts evaluated the mental status of the subjects and the dynamics of changes that occurred in the behavior of women.

If no changes were detected in the control group, then the mental state of many women who practiced yoga improved. At the same time, a moderate depressive state turned out to be converted into a mild form, and the simple forms of depression neutralized themselves.

What are the benefits and harms of antidepressants?

According to statistics, about 40% of people around the world live in non-stop mode. Such an intense pace of life, combined with mental stress, lack of rest and poor nutrition negatively affects the human body. There is a depletion of the nervous system, as a result of which chronic stress, neurosis, and then depression occur.

Depression is a dangerous and underestimated disease, characterized by a depressed psychological state, a feeling of dissatisfaction, anxiety, irritability, interest in life disappears, a feeling of hopelessness, and sometimes suicidal thoughts. In the absence of proper treatment, this condition can lead to serious consequences and cause complex mental illness and attempted suicide.

Of course, depression, like any other disease, requires treatment. But in this condition, people are usually not in a hurry to find the cause of the disease, but immediately goes for sedatives to the pharmacy, in particular antidepressants. As you know, even a short intake of such drugs can quickly solve the problem of a decadent state, providing a person with the desired reassurance, uplifting and coloring the surrounding world with different colors. But is it that simple? Recent studies show that antidepressants do not bring any benefit, but only harm the human body.

How antidepressants work

According to doctors, the effect of psychotropic drugs (antidepressants) is aimed at regulating the chemical imbalance in the body, compensating for the lack of such hormones of joy and happiness as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. After receiving such a “charge of vivacity and joy,” people forget about their worries and worries, they lose their lethargy and apathy, and they have a good sleep, good mood and appetite.

After reading the instructions for these drugs, it immediately becomes clear that they are not able to solve the problem of depression, because they do not affect the cause of its occurrence and do not eliminate stress factors. Thus, after a certain time after taking medication is completed, depression again makes itself felt. Thus, the question arises: is it worth taking drugs that are not able to treat, but only temporarily mask the problem?

What is the danger of taking antidepressants

According to the results of modern studies of antidepressants, it has been established that such drugs are not only ineffective, but also harm human health. After analyzing the harm from the use of antidepressants, doctors identified two key problems – addiction to the drug with further withdrawal syndrome and liver damage.

If we talk about liver damage, then the greatest harm to the body is caused by the amitiptilin component, which belongs to the group of tricyclic antidepressants. Its prolonged use can cause toxic drug hepatitis. Although the “withdrawal syndrome” is no less dangerous for the body. Those people who suffer from depression and chronic stress are constantly on antidepressants. Consequently, a sharp rejection of their use can provoke attacks of pronounced aggression in them, and sometimes even with attempts to lay their hands on themselves. This condition can be caused by an acute deficit of serotonin, the normal level of which was previously artificially ensured by the use of antidepressants. To avoid the appearance of withdrawal syndrome, the cessation of antidepressant use should be smooth.

What do we know about dysthymia

Do you, your relatives and friends have mood disorders? We have heard of a form of affective disorder such as depression. In some ways, the mood disorder in question will be reminiscent of depression. This is dysthymia. This disease has special manifestations, which allows you to select it in a separate group.

How dysthymia differs from depression

In a state of dysthymia, the picture of symptoms is slightly blurred compared to depression. Common to these two conditions is the episodic decline in mood. Although dysthymia is easier, its constancy depresses a person for many years. In everyday life, such people are pessimists dissatisfied with their lives, looking with the same pessimism into the future; they are deeply unhappy.

Manifestations of dysthymia

More often than not, women suffer from this mental disorder. The age composition is diverse: adults, adolescents, and even children. The percentage of prevalence of this disorder in the world is quite high. Among the symptoms – apathy to what surrounds, stay in a depressed mood. Indifference to loved ones can reach extreme forms and hurt them, which reduces the quality of family relationships and is attributed to selfishness.
The development of an inferiority complex leads to a prolonged feeling of uselessness, loneliness, hopelessness and fear. From such experiences is the depletion of the nervous system, vitality. As a result, only physical and mental inferiority remains with the person.
A person overcomes basic everyday worries with great difficulty. The need to make responsible decisions introduces him into a stupor. The fact that most people do not have any problems for a person suffering from dysthymia can be a huge problem: for example, paying for travel, choosing clothes in a store, buying groceries.
In addition, if a person is in a state of dysthymia, his appetite and sleep are disturbed, which leads to a deterioration in physical condition. Such people suffer from frequent headaches. Their suffering often leads to thoughts of death as a way to get rid of a painful existence.

Features of dysthymia, in contrast to depression

Dysthymia occurs due to the influence of several factors on a person at the same time
• Banal low level of production of serotonin – a hormone of joy;
• Genetic conditioning for the occurrence of dysthymia;
• Problems of interpersonal relationships, problems at work, a series of life troubles.
For the whole life of a person, no matter how much we would like it, they leave an imprint of an event and even a disease of the past. Various mental disorders arise due to the destruction of the protective mechanisms of the nervous system.

Why it is necessary to consult a specialist.

It is very important in the treatment of this disorder to make a diagnosis. This cannot be done outside a specialized clinic. It should be recognized that due to the blurred symptoms, their similarity with the symptoms of a number of other nervous disorders, an accurate diagnosis is not easy.
Treatment must be started as early as possible, because irreversible changes occur in the patient’s mental state, the situation is aggravated, and the psyche can be completely destroyed.

Treatment of dysthymia

A widespread treatment method is psychotherapy and drug therapy. Although this disorder is not easily treated, experience nevertheless shows that an integrated approach gives good results.
Drug treatment involves the use of antidepressants, as well as drugs designed to stabilize processes in the brain. Psychotherapeutic sessions are designed to teach you to overcome negative emotions, increase vitality, gain faith in yourself and love of life.
If you suspect you have a similar problem, there is no reason to panic. Today, many people are faced with mental disorders, and medicine is moving forward in the fight against them. It is necessary to enlist the support of loved ones, to choose an adequate treatment. In combination with the desire to restore mental health and balance, the result of treatment can become unexpectedly high.

Scientists: divorce is aging a woman

It has long been proven that married life has a beneficial effect on the condition of men. It not only allows them to feel comfortable, but also extends their life. American scientists have proven that in a similar way, married life affects women.

Researchers conducted an experiment that lasted for 2 years. It involved more than 35 thousand married couples. During this period, doctors carefully recorded the state of health of people who took part in the experiment. At the same time, scientists discovered a curious pattern: when couples broke up, and even more so filed for divorce, the health of women in them worsened sharply.

In addition, the researchers revealed another surprising feature. The longer a woman remains divorced after a divorce, the more this affects her health. Cardiovascular and reproductive systems are particularly affected during such periods. In such women, the biological age began to rapidly increase, which even led to a reduction in life expectancy.

Experts note that in ordinary life, women sometimes try not to advertise the fact that they are married. For example, when interviewing for a job, they often remove their wedding rings. But a real divorce in all cases without exception has a very painful effect on women’s health. Moreover, scientists have observed extremely difficult conditions, provoked by the rupture of marriage ties.

Interestingly, parallel studies by Australian scientists fully confirmed the findings of their American colleagues. Examining the psychological state of different categories of the female population, they found that divorced women are twice as likely to be depressed. And this condition is very often the cause of other diseases, which then pursue them.

Scientists told how men experience depression and how women

A group of British neurophysiologists found differences in the response of the brain of a stronger and weaker sex to a depressed state.

According to experts, the information obtained in the framework of the study will fundamentally change the approach to the treatment of severe depression in women and men. So it was found that men are characterized by a protracted depression that can cause suicide, while an episodic feeling of depression is characteristic of the female gender.
This observation became the basis of the work of neurophysiologists, in which they suggested that the control group of subjects give the words an emotional color. In a depressed state, it is difficult for a person to cope with this exercise than an ordinary person. Indications were obtained using a magnetic resonance imager.

It turns out that the brain function of men and women is significantly different. Scientists have discovered a difference in the level of activity of certain sections of the cerebral cortex, which are responsible for consciousness, speech processing, episodic memory, and the perception of people’s thoughts in their surroundings. There have also been violations of some nerve cell connections.

The depressive state affects the brain of men and women in completely different ways, scientists say, therefore, treatment should take place in different ways, taking into account gender differences and brain activity. This will help determine the disease at the initial stage and prescribe successful treatment in especially difficult cases.

Music helps children get rid of depression

A group of scientists from the Royal Research Institute in Belfast conducted a very interesting experiment. Over 250 children and adolescents were invited to participate in it. Moreover, all volunteers suffered from various types of psychological problems and developmental disorders. With the help of experience, scientists wanted to know how music can affect the psycho-emotional development of children.

Previously, the project participants were divided into two groups, which were assigned a specific treatment. A feature of the experiment was that in one of the groups, in addition to the usual treatment, music therapy was additionally used.

After observing two groups of children, the experts made a statement that when using music therapy, children increased self-esteem and depression decreased to a minimum level. In addition, this group of children has significantly improved commutative skills. Scientists note that the effect of such specific therapy persists for a long time, and if combined with the main treatment, much better results can be obtained.

As you know, when working with children and adolescents, music is often used for general development. However, this project has become the largest in recent years and was able to prove that music therapy can help in the treatment of children with certain mental disorders.

Now the main goal of scientists is to study the ways of introducing music therapy during the treatment of children with mental disorders, as well as the degree of its payback.