Month: May 2021

Depression and age

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Complaints of elderly people suffering from depressive spectrum disorder often revolve around problems with diseases of internal organs, joints, and spine. It is worth paying special attention to the fact

Depression symptoms

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It would seem that everyone, in fact, knows the main symptoms of depression … However, this is a false impression. It is worth delving a little deeper and getting acquainted with the clinical descriptions of

Depressive state

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People with depression have different assessments of their condition. Not seeing clear reasons for its development, some, including the patient’s relatives, may not recognize depression as a disease, while blaming themselves

Vegetative disorders in depression

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In time of depression there are a variety of vegetative disorders – tive nervous system: sweating, fluctuations in blood pressure, palpitations, dry mouth, fatigue, insomnia , tremor, disorders of intestinal activity and approx. Patients

Atypical depression

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Atypical depression is a form of depressive disorder characterized by anxiety, excessive sleepiness, increased appetite, and changes in weight. Atypical depression is difficult to treat.    Symptoms of atypical depression