What is allotriophagy

In the modern world, from time to time you can encounter people who are distinguished by the presence of oddities that are incomprehensible to others.

One of these strange moments is the fact that some individuals have an excessive craving for tasting raw foods without heat treatment.

Sometimes there may be a craving to taste inedible objects. This condition goes beyond the norm, being a sign of susceptibility to allotriophagy .

List of causes leading to the disorder

Allotriophagy is commonly referred to as an eating disorder in which a person urgently wants to eat something inedible. Among the common causes that lead to the onset of the disorder, there are such factors:

– social character;
– psychologically conditioned; – on a physiological basis.

In most cases, pathology develops against the background of improper upbringing in childhood, and also as a result of receiving psycho-emotional trauma, for example, patients with schizophrenia . An unbalanced diet can also be a trigger for the development of an eating disorder. Hormonal imbalances often cause problems with taste and smell receptors, which leads to strange eating habits.

Typical symptoms and diagnosis of the disorder

Usually, allotriophagy is characterized by the fact that a person prone to such an ailment not only dreams of eating objects, substances that do not have nutritional value, but also embodies fantasies into reality. Sometimes sick people are able to lick, chew, gnaw the objects of their desires for a long time, trying to get the desired effect to the maximum.

The final diagnosis is possible after a detailed conversation between the psychotherapist and the patient or his relatives.

Features of treatment and preventive measures

tangible beneficial effect in the treatment of allotriophagy can be achieved if psychotherapeutic methods are used and the drug treatment is correctly selected. In each case, an individual approach to solving the problem will be required.

It is possible to warn yourself and loved ones from the disease if the diet is balanced, the psychological situation is normalized, and violence within the family is excluded. Inculcating a culture of nutrition from an early age will also prove to be a sure way to avoid allotriophagy in the future.

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