Depressive state

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People with depression have different assessments of their condition. Not seeing clear reasons for its development, some, including the patient’s relatives, may not recognize depression as a disease, while blaming themselves for lack of will, passivity, and indecision. In these cases, there are frequent attempts to explain the symptoms by psychologically understandable reasons, thoughts are expressed about the presence of bodily diseases. But more often the problem is perceived as a mental one, and with an admixture of ideas of self-accusation: “I got sick because of stupidity, because of a trifle,” “I didn’t need to be treated in the hospital,” “I took the wrong medicine,” “I didn’t get myself together on time” and etc. Characterized by endless searches for the cause of the disease, “archaeological excavations” concerning the past and everything that could be the source of the development of depression. The question is constantly tormented – why did this happen to me?                       

The most dangerous are thoughts of suicide or suicidal thoughts. If they are present, the suffering person has a burning desire to punish himself, no longer burden others with taking care of himself, not be a burden for those around him. Understanding that the state of depression is temporary, that it is possible to recover, like many other “brothers in misfortune”, and even one’s own previous experience in overcoming suffering sometimes does not bring relief … It is known that the state of alcoholic intoxication in these cases often leads to tragic consequences – suicide.                 

A specially constructed clinical conversation of a doctor includes questions aimed at identifying a feeling of hopelessness, a willingness to commit suicide, a detailed plan for committing it (in particular, drawing up a will, putting in order their financial affairs, searching for tools for committing suicide). Do not be afraid to openly ask a person if he has suicidal thoughts . Sometimes this can prevent trouble.           

A common medical mistake by a psychiatrist , usually committed under pressure from a patient with depression and his relatives, is the premature discharge of a patient from a psychiatric clinic , especially if, upon admission to the hospital, he had thoughts of suicide.     

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