Sleep disturbances in depression

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Statistics shows that 80% of people suffering from depression, on – Rushen sleep . As a rule, a person wakes up early, as if from a sudden jolt. But it may be difficult and falling asleep, sleep usually surfaces – ny, restless anxious, often saturated nightmares. A person sometimes does not feel that he was asleep.        

Phase of dreams in such people comes much earlier than normal, which, in particular, could be evidence of biological predraspolo – field intensity to depression . Dreaming sleep usually occurs in the first half of the night. Common symptoms are lack of sense of relaxation after sleep, do not – the ability to sleep in the daytime, or, on the contrary, expressed daytime sleepiness.         

As you know, the deepest, late stage of sleep is very important for the normal functioning of the body, and in severe depression this stage may be completely absent. Reduction or absence of tre – tey and fourth phases of sleep – sleep Rem-phase – is considered the most accurate diagnostic criteria for depression. In addition, sleep cycles during depression lag behind the circadian rhythm.      

Insomnia is a common symptom and a sure companion of depression.  

The occurrence of sleep disorders can also be caused by diseases of internal organs, endocrine diseases, alcohol abuse , smoking, as well as neurological diseases (migraines, back pain). Insomnia interferes with the restoration of vital energy, as a result of which a person is overworked, mental activity decreases, and the immune system decreases. A person becomes irritable and can blame himself for not being able to keep up with the general rhythm of life. Therefore, if insomnia continues for seven days, you need to seek help.   

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