Vegetative disorders in depression

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In time of depression there are a variety of vegetative disorders – tive nervous system: sweating, fluctuations in blood pressure, palpitations, dry mouth, fatigue, insomnia , tremor, disorders of intestinal activity and approx. Patients often cold, he did not can keep warm, freezing the tips of the fingers ( maybe this is why depressed patients have a desire to stand for a long time under a hot shower or take a warm bath).         

Depression is accompanied by disturbances in the circadian rhythm. Hence the Wuxi – Lenie severity of the symptoms of depression in a certain time period. Previously it was thought that the symptoms of depression is usually worse in the first sexual – not a single day (80% of patients with depression), but in recent years suggest that the circadian rhythm of depression depends on the individual biological characteristics of the patient man.      

Typically, depression disrupts a person’s sex life . Snee – zhaetsya libido, impaired erection, the sensation of orgasm. In women disrupted menstrual cycle, sometimes monthly fully pre – clearly reduced.   

During the period of depression, the digestive system suffers. Decreases or completely disappears appetite. However, in rare cases, it even intensifies – as a rule, in relation to certain products. It is no coincidence that bulimia is often accompanied by symptoms of depression (a person “seizes melancholy”) and is treated with antidepressants . During depression, many say that ” food has lost its taste”, it becomes like “grass”. The resulting weakness makes it difficult to go to the grocery stores , choose them, cook and eat, and the thought of food even causes nausea.                  

A common symptom of depression, especially in old age – resistant for – pores, flatulence, pain in the abdomen. A person noticeably loses weight or less often, on the contrary, having begun to eat abundantly, he gains weight.    

Changes in appetite in people who, in addition to depression, suffer from bodily diseases – peptic ulcer disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus – can complicate the course of the latter.   

Heart rhythm disorders – often “on – wet on depression” with the cardiovascular system.   

Sometimes breathing problems arise : a person feels a lack of air, incomplete inhalation. Breathing is slow.  

Frequent companions of depression – a different kind of pain : headache (Chuv – GUSTs heaviness in the head), in the neck, the back, joints, and other frequently encountered in the field of past wounds, traces of the operation. This may be changed and the very perception of pain: she seems stronger, has a special character, it becomes unbearable and the reception for by reducing sensitivity to pain – STI. Note that chronic pain syndrome also successfully treats – Xia antidepressants. 

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