Harassment : what is it and main characteristics

Posted onJune 20, 2022

The concept of harassment appeared in our everyday life in 2017. An imported word, without which today it is practically indispensable.

Formally, this is a term that refers to any action that allows you to offend and injure a person. Often this term is used in the sense of harassment.

Features and causes of the manifestation of harassment

The reasons for the manifestation of harassment are simple and natural. Men like women, and women need masculine strength and protection. At the moment when a woman is in a dependent state on a man, namely, a working or business relationship, and harassment is possible . To restrain a man from such a state can only be his own moral principles. If there are no such principles, then harassment occurs immediately. This not only hurts the opposite sex, but also creates psychological trauma for him.

The main reason for the manifestation of harassment is the lack of any regulatory framework and moral principles. The legislation of most countries simply does not provide for punishment for such actions. How to fight and resist this depends only on the other side and the specific circumstances in which it finds itself. The only thing you definitely shouldn’t do is endure and take it for granted.

How to deal with and resist harassment

Under the circumstances, the fight against harassment is solely the problem of the injured party. With this approach, it is important to understand that it is better to direct all your efforts to the prevention of such actions. As practice and statistics show, to cope with manifestations of harassment , you can use the following techniques:

1. Be specific and unambiguous in words and actions. This is necessary in order to avoid any misunderstandings .

2. Stick to the sequence. If you do not intend to reciprocate, do not accept courtship, nullify any unpleasant and incomprehensible situations of intimacy.

3. Be restrained and polite. Everyone has a very different level of tolerance, as well as the limits of what is acceptable. Therefore, it is very important to culturally and discreetly explain all your wishes. Be frank, if you do not like the situation, say so, do not smile and pretend that everything is fine.

4. Get rid of feelings of envy. Don’t be jealous of a friend who successfully married her boss. Envy is a terrible feeling, and the desire to get a job at someone else’s expense for many men is a great call to action.

5. Raise your skill level. A valuable specialist who makes a profit does not allow thoughts about the possibility of informal relationships. Men are afraid of strong women, so a confident and competent employee is simply too tough for harassment .

6. Do not stand on ceremony and speak directly. Direct displeasure is much better than a smile in response to a clear injustice.

In any case, do not lose heart and despair. It is despair that very often serves as the last impetus to the action of harassment . If you are unable to cope with the aggressivity of the opposite side on your own, try to involve outsiders in order to stop the desire a little, and reduce the number of opportunities. Only active opposition and direct statements in response to immoral actions help to cope with such people. But at the same time, it is very important not to use aggression, which can become an urge and impetus for illegal actions.

Compliance with minimum ethical measures in working relationships allows you to prevent and stop the manifestation of harassment.

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