Hebephrenic form of schizophrenia

Posted onJuly 26, 2022

Hebephrenic form of schizophrenia is the most malignant, occurs at an early age in adolescents or in adolescence.

Typical symptoms of the manifestation of the disease: ridiculous foolish behavior and excitement, accompanied by inadequate emotional actions. Patients laugh loudly, grimace, somersault, sing and laugh. In dealing with people, they engage in absurd reasoning on any occasion, depicting intricate bows, squats and poses. They can speak in a whisper, in a bass voice, in a high voice, while their statements are ridiculous, the tone of voice is from calm to defiant. Sometimes you can observe an empty euphoria, inadequate crying, and with an emotional-volitional disorder, dementia.

The disease often begins to develop with the appearance of increased anger, irritability. Speech loses its consistency, often there is cynical abuse in communication. Behavior includes purposeful activity combined with negativism and stubbornness. Often there are patients with delusional ideas, accompanied by hallucinations.

The prognosis for hebephrenic schizophrenia has an unfavorable formation of personality defects. Social behavior is characterized by conflict and the inability to maintain interpersonal communication in the team and family. The development of the disease leads to a drop in activity, passivity and indifference. The disease occurs mainly in adolescence, adolescence, and in the future has negative consequences, as a rule, patients after the onset of the disease very quickly become disabled .

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