Depression in alcoholism

A fairly common occurrence among people who drink alcohol is a depressive state. Depression in alcoholism is an extremely impartial condition.

Why, after drinking a large amount of alcohol, does a person become more depressed, despite the fact that most people are convinced that drinking alcohol is one of the ways to relax and relieve emotional stress?

From the point of view of science, any alcohol-containing drinks are strong provocateurs of mental illness. They cause a state of euphoria, which, however, does not last long. After a certain time, the depressive state progresses. There is a direct relationship between alcoholism and disorders that are depressive in nature: a depressive state also contributes to the aggravation of alcohol dependence, just as long-term use of alcohol contributes to anxiety, melancholic and manic states.

The consequences of alcohol depression include:

– The appearance of thoughts of suicide. Suicide attempts are also not uncommon;
– Possible accidents, injuries caused by negligence; – Committing acts that pose a danger to society; – The transition of alcoholism to a chronic form; – Personal degradation of a person; – Alcoholic encephalopathy; – Epileptic psychosis occurs caused by alcohol consumption.

Varieties of alcoholic depression

Conventionally, there are two types of alcoholic depression:

1. Disorder after excessive alcohol consumption, which is of a short-term nature;
2. Severe depression after a long binge.

Treatment for alcoholic depression

The biggest difficulty in conducting and selecting a treatment regimen is that people in general do not understand that depression is a consequence of alcohol use, and not its cause. In this situation, treatment of alcohol dependence is necessary. Without medical assistance , it is not possible to remove the depressive state caused by alcohol addiction.

In modern medicine, the treatment of alcoholic depression involves a personal approach to each patient. The complex of treatment itself consists of:

– Reception of special medicines;
– Carrying out psychotherapeutic sessions; – Carrying out physiotherapeutic procedures.

If you need anonymous treatment for alcoholic depression, please contact our clinic. It is advisable not to delay contacting specialists, because delay can lead to extremely negative consequences.

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