Treatment options for schizophrenia: psychosocial and biological

Schizophrenia is a disease that results in disturbances in thought processes and provokes the “destruction” of emotions as such. It is impossible to completely get rid of schizophrenia (but history knows exceptions). But to achieve sustainable remission rates is quite realistic. In addition, modern methods of diagnosis and treatment allow a person with schizophrenia to return to the former indicators of activity, both social and emotional. One of the progressive methods is the treatment of schizophrenia with neuroleptics.

Stages of treatment for schizophrenia

Treatment of this disease is carried out in three main stages:

– Stopping . This stage involves the fight against delirium, catatonia, hallucinations and hebephrenia. The main goal of such treatment is to minimize psychosis.
– Stabilizing . It is a kind of continuation of the above phase of treatment. The main tasks are to consolidate the results that were obtained above.
– Maintenance therapy for schizophrenia. The main task is to maintain the psyche in a normal state and to delay psychosis as much as possible.

Treatment options for schizophrenia

All methods of treating the disease (including sluggish schizophrenia) can be divided into two main types: biological and psychosocial.

Treatment of schizophrenia, calling a psychiatrist in Moscow with a psychosocial method will not give you an instant result, but it will help to fix the positive effects of biological treatment. This prolongs the remission and the person gets the opportunity to be a full-fledged member of society. In addition, another positive aspect of the application of this method is the ability to reduce the number of drugs used in drug treatment. A person becomes able to control himself and his behavior, state.

Drug treatment is also used. They have certain effects on the brain. This method of treatment is the most effective, as it helps to prevent violations of the will, emotions and memory. With medication, it is possible to stop the process of personality destruction.

Schizophrenia therapy and antipsychotics in schizophrenia can stop the process of personality deformation. The latter option is used for productive schizophrenia, which can lead to hallucinations, impaired speech, memory and will. These drugs are used not only for psychosis, but also as prophylactic agents.

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