How many pills do you sell?

All products available are provided on our website. It means that they are in stock and are ready for the shipment right after the payment. There are no restrictions: purchase as many pills as needed.

Is Seroquel generic?

There are brand name and generic medications on our website.

How have you reached the lowest price?

We are an online platform, and so we do not rent offices for our employees. We also work with suppliers of the medicines. We do not use services of additional distributors. The supply of medicines comes directly from the plant of a manufacturer. That is why the price is clear, without extra charges – meaning low prices.

What dose would you recommend?

We are not doctors and so we cannot give you recommendation on how much the pills should be taken. It is better to read instructions before taking any medication (an insert may be found in every package with medicines). Moreover, a medical consultation is obligatory before starting any new therapy.

Who may buy medication on your website?

An adult person (more than 18 years old) may buy medications. We do not sell medications to young persons.

Who will deliver my package?

A delivery of all packages is done by special transportation companies. We delegate packages to companies and they will deliver it to the indicated address.

When the order will arrive?

A package may arrive in up to 8 business days. It depends on the selected delivery method.

What are the options for the shipment?

We offer EMS and also AirMail for your convenience. Please read more details on Shipping Policy.

What are the options for payment?

The orders may be paid by means of e-check, Visa, cryptocurrency, MasterCard. If you have issues with the payment, please contact us.

What to do in case of a package loss?

If the package was not delivered in 24 business days, there is a probability that the package was lost. It sometimes happens (especially with little envelopes). If you are confident that this situation has happened to you, we are ready to help. We will send a package with the same pills to you again free of charge. Just let us know if it happened.

How long have you been working in this field?

This is not our first service (or platform) on the internet. We have several projects we have been working on. We have managed to create simple, clear and fair platform. We have been analyzing this market since 2014, and implement our own experience in it. Positive reviews of our customers are the evidence.

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