Scientists told how men experience depression and how women

A group of British neurophysiologists found differences in the response of the brain of a stronger and weaker sex to a depressed state.

According to experts, the information obtained in the framework of the study will fundamentally change the approach to the treatment of severe depression in women and men. So it was found that men are characterized by a protracted depression that can cause suicide, while an episodic feeling of depression is characteristic of the female gender.
This observation became the basis of the work of neurophysiologists, in which they suggested that the control group of subjects give the words an emotional color. In a depressed state, it is difficult for a person to cope with this exercise than an ordinary person. Indications were obtained using a magnetic resonance imager.

It turns out that the brain function of men and women is significantly different. Scientists have discovered a difference in the level of activity of certain sections of the cerebral cortex, which are responsible for consciousness, speech processing, episodic memory, and the perception of people’s thoughts in their surroundings. There have also been violations of some nerve cell connections.

The depressive state affects the brain of men and women in completely different ways, scientists say, therefore, treatment should take place in different ways, taking into account gender differences and brain activity. This will help determine the disease at the initial stage and prescribe successful treatment in especially difficult cases.

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