Scientists: divorce is aging a woman

It has long been proven that married life has a beneficial effect on the condition of men. It not only allows them to feel comfortable, but also extends their life. American scientists have proven that in a similar way, married life affects women.

Researchers conducted an experiment that lasted for 2 years. It involved more than 35 thousand married couples. During this period, doctors carefully recorded the state of health of people who took part in the experiment. At the same time, scientists discovered a curious pattern: when couples broke up, and even more so filed for divorce, the health of women in them worsened sharply.

In addition, the researchers revealed another surprising feature. The longer a woman remains divorced after a divorce, the more this affects her health. Cardiovascular and reproductive systems are particularly affected during such periods. In such women, the biological age began to rapidly increase, which even led to a reduction in life expectancy.

Experts note that in ordinary life, women sometimes try not to advertise the fact that they are married. For example, when interviewing for a job, they often remove their wedding rings. But a real divorce in all cases without exception has a very painful effect on women’s health. Moreover, scientists have observed extremely difficult conditions, provoked by the rupture of marriage ties.

Interestingly, parallel studies by Australian scientists fully confirmed the findings of their American colleagues. Examining the psychological state of different categories of the female population, they found that divorced women are twice as likely to be depressed. And this condition is very often the cause of other diseases, which then pursue them.

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