What do we know about dysthymia

Do you, your relatives and friends have mood disorders? We have heard of a form of affective disorder such as depression. In some ways, the mood disorder in question will be reminiscent of depression. This is dysthymia. This disease has special manifestations, which allows you to select it in a separate group.

How dysthymia differs from depression

In a state of dysthymia, the picture of symptoms is slightly blurred compared to depression. Common to these two conditions is the episodic decline in mood. Although dysthymia is easier, its constancy depresses a person for many years. In everyday life, such people are pessimists dissatisfied with their lives, looking with the same pessimism into the future; they are deeply unhappy.

Manifestations of dysthymia

More often than not, women suffer from this mental disorder. The age composition is diverse: adults, adolescents, and even children. The percentage of prevalence of this disorder in the world is quite high. Among the symptoms – apathy to what surrounds, stay in a depressed mood. Indifference to loved ones can reach extreme forms and hurt them, which reduces the quality of family relationships and is attributed to selfishness.
The development of an inferiority complex leads to a prolonged feeling of uselessness, loneliness, hopelessness and fear. From such experiences is the depletion of the nervous system, vitality. As a result, only physical and mental inferiority remains with the person.
A person overcomes basic everyday worries with great difficulty. The need to make responsible decisions introduces him into a stupor. The fact that most people do not have any problems for a person suffering from dysthymia can be a huge problem: for example, paying for travel, choosing clothes in a store, buying groceries.
In addition, if a person is in a state of dysthymia, his appetite and sleep are disturbed, which leads to a deterioration in physical condition. Such people suffer from frequent headaches. Their suffering often leads to thoughts of death as a way to get rid of a painful existence.

Features of dysthymia, in contrast to depression

Dysthymia occurs due to the influence of several factors on a person at the same time
• Banal low level of production of serotonin – a hormone of joy;
• Genetic conditioning for the occurrence of dysthymia;
• Problems of interpersonal relationships, problems at work, a series of life troubles.
For the whole life of a person, no matter how much we would like it, they leave an imprint of an event and even a disease of the past. Various mental disorders arise due to the destruction of the protective mechanisms of the nervous system.

Why it is necessary to consult a specialist.

It is very important in the treatment of this disorder to make a diagnosis. This cannot be done outside a specialized clinic. It should be recognized that due to the blurred symptoms, their similarity with the symptoms of a number of other nervous disorders, an accurate diagnosis is not easy.
Treatment must be started as early as possible, because irreversible changes occur in the patient’s mental state, the situation is aggravated, and the psyche can be completely destroyed.

Treatment of dysthymia

A widespread treatment method is psychotherapy and drug therapy. Although this disorder is not easily treated, experience nevertheless shows that an integrated approach gives good results.
Drug treatment involves the use of antidepressants, as well as drugs designed to stabilize processes in the brain. Psychotherapeutic sessions are designed to teach you to overcome negative emotions, increase vitality, gain faith in yourself and love of life.
If you suspect you have a similar problem, there is no reason to panic. Today, many people are faced with mental disorders, and medicine is moving forward in the fight against them. It is necessary to enlist the support of loved ones, to choose an adequate treatment. In combination with the desire to restore mental health and balance, the result of treatment can become unexpectedly high.

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