Music helps children get rid of depression

A group of scientists from the Royal Research Institute in Belfast conducted a very interesting experiment. Over 250 children and adolescents were invited to participate in it. Moreover, all volunteers suffered from various types of psychological problems and developmental disorders. With the help of experience, scientists wanted to know how music can affect the psycho-emotional development of children.

Previously, the project participants were divided into two groups, which were assigned a specific treatment. A feature of the experiment was that in one of the groups, in addition to the usual treatment, music therapy was additionally used.

After observing two groups of children, the experts made a statement that when using music therapy, children increased self-esteem and depression decreased to a minimum level. In addition, this group of children has significantly improved commutative skills. Scientists note that the effect of such specific therapy persists for a long time, and if combined with the main treatment, much better results can be obtained.

As you know, when working with children and adolescents, music is often used for general development. However, this project has become the largest in recent years and was able to prove that music therapy can help in the treatment of children with certain mental disorders.

Now the main goal of scientists is to study the ways of introducing music therapy during the treatment of children with mental disorders, as well as the degree of its payback.

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