Postpartum Depression Dad Spoils Child Management

It has long been known that postpartum depression is characteristic not only of young mothers, but also of fathers who have a baby. In addition, as a recent study by specialists from Oxford University showed, postpartum depression of young fathers can cause more serious harm to a child than depression of young mothers after the baby is born. 

According to the authors of the study, depression affects more than five percent of young men who have become fathers. The factors that provoke the development of depression are sleepless nights and a frightening feeling of being in the new status of the father.

Young dads who are depressed spend much less time with their children. In the future, such a lack of paternal attention can lead to the development of behavioral problems in children. This conclusion was made according to the latest research.

Forty men who have recently become fathers were selected for the study. All participants were approximately the same age and had the same level of education. The children of men participating in the study were three months old. It was not previously established which of the men is in a state of postpartum depression. Participants were invited to interact with their children for three minutes. It turned out that those men who least contacted the babies suffered from depression after giving birth.

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