Scientists have found the cause of schizophrenia

Posted onMay 25, 2020 in Uncategorized

English, American and Finnish scientists have found the cause of schizophrenia. After a huge research work, they found that changing a small area on the sixteenth chromosome can lead to schizophrenia, namely, in people with a doubling of this area, the likelihood of schizophrenia increases tenfold.

This disease, according to psychologists themselves, is still the most serious disease. There are several dozen conditions that are connected with schizophrenia in one way or another. Problems with the perception of the world and contact with it, delirium, depression, apathy, various types of hallucinations – all this can be both a sign of schizophrenia and symptoms of many other diseases. For this reason, a serious problem arises in making a diagnosis, which is very important in any disease, and even more so in psychology. As they say, scientists have found the cause of schizophrenia, although this cannot be clearly stated. There are still many questions regarding the relationship of schizophrenia with heredity and genetics.

In a new study, on a global scale, both healthy people and patients with various forms of schizophrenia took part. The DNA of patients contains a set of specific genes. It is worth noting that this is not the only disease that is caused by a set of extra genes in humans. In schizophrenia, however, not a fully defined chromosome is repeated, but only a small portion of it. It was in it that scientists found the cause of schizophrenia. There are not many genes in this interval, so it will be easier for scientists to identify the source of the disease. This fragment of the chromosome also appeared in earlier studies, however, with a slight difference. In a disease such as autism, that portion of the chromosome is missing from the patient’s DNA.

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