Acne Remedy Cures Depression

Posted onMay 29, 2020 in Uncategorized

As studies have shown, an acne remedy based on vitamin A has another useful property – treat depression. In this regard, the Directorate for Medicines and Food Products is going to more strictly monitor the implementation of this tool.

The study organizers found that in young people from twelve to nineteen years old, this tool prevents the development of depressive states. In other words, in these individuals depression is much less common than those who treat acne with antibiotics. The fact is that the vast majority of American teenagers suffer from acne and other age-related skin rashes. 

Depression of adolescence, as a rule, begins at the same time with the formation of rashes on the skin. In the study, specialists tried to establish a connection between acne, depression and suicides of adolescents. Most doctors are of the opinion that an anti-acne medicine is not harmful to health, but, on the contrary, helps to eliminate depression.

The remaining representatives of science and medicine believe that the drug should be banned, since doctors can prescribe this drug to adolescents not for the purpose of treating acne, but to fight depression. In addition, it is suggested that the drug can develop a person’s addiction.  

As a result, the study resulted in the introduction of a huge number of restrictions on the use of this tool, but it was not withdrawn from the implementation.

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