Female depression recognized as fatal disease

Posted onMay 21, 2020

Recently, the word “depression” is often heard from television screens, from conversations, from doctors. After years of research by psychologists and psychiatrists from around the world, it became clear that it was depression that was to blame for many demographic ills. This disease was recognized as the main cause of such troubles as the suicide net, the short life expectancy of the female population even in developed countries, and the poor quality of life of some segments of the population.

According to the research, it became clear that depression is especially severe for women. Over the past decade, the incidence of this disease has increased by about 17 times, and doctors have called this psychological state a “silent epidemic.” She got this name for the implicit severity of symptoms, which sometimes can be manifested only in a reduced mood.

It is the stagnant perennial depressive states that have the greatest negative impact on the duration and quality of life and living conditions of women around the world. The harm from it is even stronger than from many deadly diseases such as cancer. Depression is also common among men, but its manifestations are associated with age periods. The main problem of this disease is its treatment. Few people seek qualified medical help, considering the constant bad mood and the lack of an active interest in life as insufficient reason for excitement and a trip to a psychologist. Therefore, many people could have avoided problems in their personal and social life, just by contacting a doctor at the time.

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