One reason for postpartum depression is lack of money

Posted onMay 17, 2020

More than fifty percent of young mothers who bring up newborn babies in conditions of low material security suffer from postpartum depression to one degree or another. Of course, this negatively affects both the mother herself and the small child. Postpartum depression affects many mothers. According to statistics, more than forty percent of all women suffer from it.

The results of a new study, conducted in the form of a survey by specialists from the United States, showed that more than half of young mothers living in conditions of severe material need were younger than twenty-three years. The study involved almost fifteen thousand families. In addition, postpartum depression often pushed new mothers to drink alcohol and drugs.

According to statistics, one out of ten babies born in a family without a livelihood is brought up by a mother who suffers from postpartum depression. In addition, these children are often breastfed for only four months. According to the organizers of the study, almost seventy percent of women need the help of a qualified psychologist. However, only less than thirty percent apply for such specialized assistance. Experts believe that this problem deserves closer attention from the authorities and representatives of the Ministry of Health.

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