Mental disorders make people strive for success

Posted onMay 13, 2020

It turns out that people suffering from manic disorders are more likely to become successful in life, achieve fame and material well-being.

The study involved more than one hundred people, twenty-seven of whom were diagnosed with manic depression and bipolar disorder. The listed disorders are disorders in the brain that entail inadequate and abrupt changes in mood and decision-making ability. 

All study participants had to answer questions in the questionnaires. Proposed questions evaluated the life ambitions of the participants. The subjects should indicate the possibility of a combination of certain circumstances in their life.

As a result of the study, specialists found that people suffering from mental disorders, most of all relied on themselves, were confident in their success in life.

This conclusion makes it clear that people with manic depression and a tendency to bipolarity better than “normal” people concentrate on achieving their goals.

Based on the study, scientists concluded that mania, during which a person’s mood jumps sharply and thoughts change, have a close relationship with the belief that their own achievements are most important to them. 

In this regard, certain mental disorders can be considered as positive qualities for the individual.

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