Narcissism came to be seen as a mental disorder.

Posted onMay 9, 2020

All odds of physical, in particular sexual, and psychological, emotional, coercion have long been causing nothing but negativity and complete denial. However, while almost everyone knows about sexual coercion, emotional coercion remains under a veil of secrecy. Emotional coercion takes place in a relationship when one partner considers himself better, more important, more valuable than his other half. Narcissism is, in essence, the emotional abuse of a partner.

Not so long ago, extreme manifestations of narcissism began to be seen as a mental disorder. Despite the fact that the daffodils, without realizing it, try to steal their half, they themselves often suffer from depression and turn to the doctor with this problem. Anger, anxiety and loneliness further exacerbate the problem. Specialists prescribe potent antidepressants to such patients, but the drugs only temporarily relieve the manifestations of a psychological disorder, but they do not solve the problem. 

In recent studies , several signs of a narcissistic mental disorder have been put forward :  

– a feeling of one’s own too great significance;

– thoughts of undivided power, celebrity;

– a sense of personal unusualness and genius;

– the requirement of admiration and worship;

– the opinion that he is always right;

– the desire to exploit their neighbors everywhere;

– lack of understanding of feelings such as pity and compassion;

– envy of everything and everyone;

– arrogance and finicky.

It is worth noting that there are particles of narcissism in every person, but everywhere it is necessary to feel the measure.

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