If a man has a headache, then this is a sign of stress

Posted onMay 5, 2020 in Uncategorized

Not so long ago, the results of a study were published that was conducted to find out what is the main cause of headaches in men. As it turned out, severe headaches can torment a man due to the fact that he has either depression or stress, or he is in a state of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Doctors say that with sudden severe pain, reminiscent of a migraine in nature, a man needs to go to specialists, as they can be a symptom of a strong mental disorder that only a doctor can cure. The study also showed that in men and women severe headaches can have a different basis, that is, in women migraines can indicate some other diseases.

Leading researcher B. Lee and his colleagues emphasize that gender differences in understanding the causes of migraine disorders are extremely important. Therefore, men and women often have to treat headaches with different doctors. This fact suggests that sex hormones play an important role in the development of severe headaches in humans.

A large role in this is also the age of the male patient. Headache can be a sign of aging, as the functions of sex hormones decrease, a kind of male menopause sets in, and the head can hurt due to the restructuring of the body. After a while, the headache may go away by itself. A man in reproductive age may suffer from headaches due to constant stress, and he needs the help of a specialist psychologist who will help to cope with the emotional stress.

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