Family scandals can cause postpartum depression

Posted onMay 1, 2020 in Uncategorized

It has long been known that postpartum depression is often observed in women who have just become mothers. Among the main causes of this condition are changes in the hormonal background, psychological aspect, and genetic tendency.

Meanwhile, according to the conclusions of British experts, inattentiveness and even rudeness on the part of the spouse during the bearing of the child can also be considered one of the most basic reasons for the development of postpartum depression.

The study involved more than ten thousand women who recently gave birth to children.

Participants were asked questions about cases of violence and rudeness in the family during their pregnancy. In conclusion, the authors asked about the presence or absence of depression after childbirth.

It was found that by an eighteen-week period, more than five percent of women were abused by their spouses, and three percent suffered from assault.

Then, after the baby was born and after reaching the age of eight weeks, postpartum depression was noted in mothers in ten percent of cases. Among those women who were abused and abused during gestation, more than a quarter suffered from the painful phenomenon.

Scientists conclude that violence and rudeness in relation to a woman carrying a child significantly increases the risk of her developing postpartum depression after the baby is born. 

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