Top 8 myths about schizophrenia in which not worth it believe

Posted onNovember 7, 2018

Neither   one thing disease not   shrouded in so mysterious and   mystical halo as schizophrenia . TO   Unfortunately, this generates unimaginable quantity wild delusions . Well   but   we   offer discover truth : first , it interesting as well   secondly , speculation complicate a life themselves sick , interfere them   socialize and   make hesitate his diseases

Myth number   1. The main sign schizophrenia   splitting personalities

Title diseases translated as ” splitting of reason, “and   behind   by this not necessary worth it split exactly personality . Thats   there is not   everything schizophrenics hear vote or become receptacle for a few personalities .

it split can touch to   example , emotions : man can hate anything throughout soul as well   after 5   minutes change anger on   mercy. Or mourn dead aquarium fish, but   stay indifferent at of death close person.

But a mental glitch that divides a person’s personality into several is called a dysociative personality disorder and this is a completely different violation.

In the mind of a schizophrenic patient, logical connections are broken, so thoughts and ideas in the head easily coexist and contradict each other.

Myth number   2. Schizophrenia   – rare disease

On   really her   sick about 1   % of the population that is not   so   and   few. Take to   example, hemophilia, which have   of many on   hearing. Her   hemophilia most common   A striking one of   five   000 or even 10   000   men. AT   case with   schizophrenia on   every 1   000 people have to about 5   cases diseases .

Myth number   3 People with   schizophrenia is unpredictable, making them   dangerous to society

Schizophrenics are NOT violent and generally safe. They predominantly indecisive and passive . it associated with mentioned above violations logical connections . To the patient to man complicated line up even short plan aggression .

Some schizophrenics have antisocial behavior, but   it is normalized with   using drugs

From schizophrenics can expect unpredictable action and outbreaks rage . But more often Total this associated with related disorders, in particular, deep mental injuries or abuse alcohol , drugs .

Myth number   four. The most terrible at schizophrenia   hallucinations and   rave

Yes, it is hallucinations and   false conclusions (nonsense) most often cause strange human behavior and   appeals to   to a psychiatrist.

But   hallucinations in   our time is treated relatively easily due to the large selection of effective drugs   – antipsychotics. The main problem for patients is   symptoms that are called negative: a decrease in any activity, unwillingness to communicate, lack of emotion and   vegetative disorders. because of of them to man complicated contact with   people support friendship and   to work .

Myth number   five. Only schizophrenics hear vote

If you   sometimes hear voices in   head, it is normal, such auditory hallucinations are visited from   five   before   15   % of adults and   maybe   more since some don’t   recognized in   this because of the fear that their   recognize crazy. Special often this it happens at overwork , stress and   before waste to   sleep.

Myth number   6 Schizophrenia   it is sentence on   the whole a life

Of course, there people who disease completely knocks out of   life, though on   treatment but   such minority . According to statistics, 25   % (but   because it is very much) patients survive the first and   only episode of psychosis, and   then all life live without recurrence and   them   not even   need to take medicine.

Other to patients have to sit on   tablets, but   but they can to count on   remission long in   decades and   live ordinary life to do work and   family .

Have   third is always will be be observed lungs disorder that also especially not   will be influence on   quality of life .

Myth number   7 Schizophrenics are brilliant . AND   in general, they at all not   sick as well   simply other

Helps   whether schizophrenia in   creativity ? Here can answer and   yes and   no. WITH   one hand, and   any disease , schizophrenia can reduce quality of life person ( but   not   always like we   have understood of   previous paragraph ).

WITH   On the other hand, there really is a similarity between the thought processes of schizophrenic patients and   creative people   – at   them in   thalamus has few dopamine receptors, which reduces the degree of filtering of signals that come from   thalamus to   cerebral cortex. it can provoke flashes creativity .

Even if a this and   so,   schizophrenia   – it is disease and   as any disease her   not   need to romanticize.

Myth number   eight. Schizophrenia quickly is progressing

The disease progresses slowly, and   this is not immediately   notice. The first signs often look quite innocent: difficulties in   study and   on   work, problems with   communication and   concentration. Similar ” symptoms ” may notice y   myself practically everybody . Then person can to begin hear voices as well   rather , barely distinguishable whisper. Exactly on   this stage disease it is better Total amenable to treatment .

Have   small quantities the sick schizophrenia is progressing swiftly after first episode .

5 early signs of schizophrenia that are helpful to keep in mind

Let’s start with the main thing : schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder that requires special analysis before confirming or, on the contrary, refuting it. And because the list presented below, in no case should not be taken as the ultimate truth, but only as a way to see the changes happening to you or someone close to in time to ask for help.

Excluding the age factor, schizophrenia affects all population groups, regardless of gender, race, or social status . A mental disorder that is characterized by distorted thinking and perception usually begins between 16 and 30 years .

Although the exact cause of the disorder is unknown, it is generally accepted that genetic and environmental factors are most often the catalysts . Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent schizophrenia, but earlier treatment, psychiatrists agree, will have a positive effect on the patient’s condition in both the short and long term. Medical Daily talked about the five initial signs of schizophrenia that are important to keep in mind .

Social isolation

A person at risk may begin to avoid social interaction with family and friends, spending most of his time in isolation. Gradually, this affects the person’s schedule, so that he can also begin to miss training, work, or other social activities, even if nothing like that had been noticed before him. This also includes the loss of interest in things that previously did not leave a person indifferent – a hobby, favorite TV shows and delicious food .

Hygiene problems

Problems with personal hygiene are considered one of the earliest signs of depression and schizophrenia. This is because when this kind of mental disorders, even primitive and very easy from the point of view of a healthy person, is extremely difficult. Doctors say that everything usually begins with the fact that the patient begins to take a very slow bath, brush teeth or wash face, gradually increasing the intervals between these actions. This behavior is usually associated with internal factors, such as apathy, emotional burnout and self-oblivion, but may also depend on the degree of social exclusion.

Obsession with religion

Or – another option – mysticism, esoteric , supernatural . Medical literature has revealed a significant connection between religion and various aspects of schizophrenia. “Patients with schizophrenia are prone to religious extremes and hallucinations. In addition, there is some evidence that religion is related to the level of psychopathology, ”the authors write a review published in 2014 in Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine .

This connection, experts believe, is due to paranoia and an ever-increasing separation from reality. And while at the first stage a person can be only slightly removed from real life, with time he is able to completely immerse himself in thoughts of evil spirits, magical powers and mystical creatures.

Sharp movements

Certain movements or expressions, usually involuntary, were observed in the early stages in almost all patients with schizophrenia. Among them: too active mimicry, twitching of the corners of the mouth, slow blinking. Here it is important to understand that if active facial expressions were always peculiar to a person, then there is no problem. Only those cases are important when this facial expression suddenly became more active than ever before. Other physical manifestations, to which experts advise to pay attention, are the decrease in motor skills, the need for constant external stimulation and twitching of the limbs, resembling a tremor.

Auditory hallucinations

Hallucinations in schizophrenics can affect any of the five senses, but auditory hallucinations are the most common. In particular, more than 70% of patients with diagnosed schizophrenia talked about hearing voices. Such violations, doctors add, can lead to confused thoughts, loss of concentration and memory problems. Another symptom associated with hallucinations is the discontinuity of thinking, when it seems to a person that not all the thoughts that are present in his head belong to him

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