Siberian scientists have created a drug for depression

Scientists from the Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS and the Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry named after N.N. Vorozhtsova SB RAS created a drug that can cure depression. The new drug TC-2153 has a beneficial effect on the serotonin system. According to one of the most common theories about the origin of depression, a person’s level of serotonin in the brain decreases.

At the moment, the TC-2153 preparation is undergoing a preclinical test phase. During experiments with mice, experts were convinced that this drug has good antidepressant properties. Scientists believe that their development can help in the treatment of serious psychopathology.

Depression is the most common brain disease. It is believed that in industrial countries, about 20% of the population suffers from its clinical form. According to experts, by 2030, depression among the causes of disability in developed countries will take second place. In Russia, treatment for depression usually begins after the patient tries to commit suicide, since it is widely believed in society that mental suffering is not a reason to seek help from a specialist.

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