Yoga helps pregnant women deal with depression

Pregnancy affects both the physical health of women and their mental well-being. Sometimes you can hear even such a term as “pregnant depression.” Most women do not want to take medications to treat this condition, nor do they visit a psychotherapist. Scientists have found that yoga helps to improve well-being and helps to set up a pregnant woman in the right way. Information on this subject was provided by Business Standard.

As part of the study, 34 women did perinatal yoga. The program was developed taking into account the capabilities and potential of women bearing a child. During the study, experts evaluated the mental status of the subjects and the dynamics of changes that occurred in the behavior of women.

If no changes were detected in the control group, then the mental state of many women who practiced yoga improved. At the same time, a moderate depressive state turned out to be converted into a mild form, and the simple forms of depression neutralized themselves.

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