Psychotropic drugs disappeared from the pharmacy network

Posted onJune 2, 2022

Against the background of sanctions and the economic blockade of Russia by the West, many foreign pharmaceutical companies have stopped or significantly limited the supply of medicines to the Russian market.

Last time, we already talked about the abrupt disappearance of Zooloft and its analogues from the network. But that situation was associated with a sharp increase in demand for the drug, due to the increased number of depressive and anxiety disorders associated with the COVID pandemic.

The second blow to the psychopharmacological market was the sanctions and the desire of the population to stock up on drugs for the future.

Now the patient, instead of the prescribed amount of the drug for a month, takes 3-10 times the amount of the drug.

This applies to almost all groups of psychotropic drugs: neuroleptics, antidepressants, anticonvulsants / mood stabilizers , tranquilizers / anxiolytics / hypnotics and nootropics

to neuroleptics, one of the first buyers began to experience difficulties with the acquisition of Seroquel ( Quetiapine ), mainly its prolonged forms, Rispolept ( risperidone ), Zyprexa ( olnazapine ). There are still enough classic Haloperidol and Aminazine.

anti-anxiety drugs has sharply increased , both from the classical groups: phenazepam, alprozolam , grandaxin , and from related ones: teraledgen , atarax , seroquel , phenibut , sonapax , etc.

Even if a pharmacy with a certain number of packages is indicated in the drug search engine, in fact they are no longer there.

Although the sale of drugs from the hands is prohibited, this did not stop either buyers or resellers. The price tag on the “gray market” can be 2-5 times higher than the retail price, depending on the drug.

The situation is aggravated by the partial closure of borders with producing countries and logistical problems. If earlier, when the drug went for re-registration, disappeared from sale (2-12 months), it was possible to use the services of the so-called medicinal “shuttles” that brought drugs from Europe (allowed for import into the Russian Federation), now this possibility is no longer there.

Anticonvulsants (they are also normotimics ) also quickly left the pharmacy counters, lamiktal ( lamotrigine ), depakine ( valproate acid) and finlepsin ( carbamazepine ) – one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in their class.

According to experts, the improvement of the situation is expected by the beginning of May.

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