Pears strengthen nerves

Medical studies have shown that people working in offices need to eat pears. The fact is that pears provide the body with protection against such “office” diseases as nervous disorders and insomnia, chronic fatigue and depression.

Nutritionists around the world agree that the pear is an excellent natural digestive system detoxifier. Such a useful property of a pear is determined by the content of a large number of vitamins and plant fibers in it. A pear not only cleanses the body, but also improves the appearance, energizes, restores strength.

Some will say that office work is simple. But doctors disagree with this, proving their point by highlighting in a separate category of diseases characteristic of office workers. Among these diseases, it is nervous disorders that occupy the leading position. 

Nutritionists and neurologists advise eating at least a few pears a day, and on an empty stomach. For better assimilation, it is recommended to drink the pear eaten with water or unsweetened warm tea. Pear – a fruit not only delicious, but also extremely beneficial for health and mood. But it is good health and good mood that are the key to a person’s high performance. This conclusion should be taken into account by managers who wish to increase labor productivity.

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