Carbonated drinks can cause depression

 A new study found that those who drink a fairly large amount of sweetened soda and fruit drinks — whether dietary or regular — have an increased risk of developing depression. Energy drink lovers, on the other hand, have a slightly lower risk of making psychological problems.

Previous studies have shown that drinking sugary drinks may be associated with a higher prevalence of depression, suicidal thoughts, and other mental disorders. But this study was the first prospective study, that is, it studied people for a number of years.

From 1995 to 1996, the consumption of drinks such as soda, tea, juices, and coffee was estimated in a survey that involved 263,925 adults. About 10 years later, researchers interviewed participants and it turned out that since 2000 a total of 11311 people have been diagnosed with depression. At the same time, people who drank more than 4 cans or cups of soda per day are 30% more likely to develop depression than those who did not drink soda. The risk of developing depression was higher in those who drank diet Coke.

Researchers acknowledge that this study does not prove a causal relationship. In other words, it may turn out that people who are depressed tend to drink more soda.

The study also found that people drinking coffee seemed to be slightly protected from depression. People who drank 4 cups of coffee a day were approximately 10% less likely to develop depression than those who did not drink coffee.

“However, the consumption of sweetened drinks has been associated with several adverse health effects,” study author Dr. Chen Honglay said. “Avoid frequent consumption of these drinks.”

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