How to get out of depression

Depression is one of those disorders that have recently become more common in the practice of psychiatrists around the world.     

The fast pace of life, the lack of a normal alternation of work and rest, psycho-emotional stress and much more are some of the reasons provoking the growth of this disease. This is especially true for residents of large cities.   

In addition, this diagnosis is also “popular” at the present time. This fact causes a large number of speculations among pseudo-healers (representatives of alternative medicine, psychics, etc.), and just people who are ready to give various kinds of recommendations, but are very far from medicine.       

This is a very harmful tendency, since many are captivated by delusions that it is enough to normalize their daily routine, do something that gives pleasure, just relax and sit in silence, as the disease itself will recede.    

K Unfortunately, this is not so.  

Depression is an affective disorder prone to progression, affecting not only the emotional, but also the physical condition of a person. In addition, it is also deadly: about 70 % of people suffering from depression have thought or tried / sometimes successfully / attempted suicide. According to WHO forecasts, by 2030 this particular disease may break records and become the main cause of death in the world, giving way to the prevailing cardiovascular and diseases and oncology today .               

That is why the question of how to get out of depression has the only unequivocally correct answer: see a doctor.   

This disorder is treated by doctors – psychiatrists or psychotherapists. But you need to understand that in domestic medical practice, only a specialist with a higher medical education can be a real psychotherapist. Beware of offers from “just psychotherapists”, people who have completed additional courses in any psychotherapeutic area after receiving any higher education (even psychological) .        

The bottom line is that high-quality treatment of depression often requires a combination of psychotherapeutic assistance with the use of pharmacology (antidepressants), and only a doctor with special knowledge can choose the right drug, its dosage.   

It is also almost impossible to get out of depression on your own (just as it is impossible to get out of tuberculosis on your own , for example, or appendicitis).   

The main signs that should make you pay attention are: 

  • yearning,
  • reduced mood background,
  • despondency,
  • unwillingness to communicate,
  • melancholy,
  • decreased efficiency at work, 
  • anhedonia (inability to enjoy the things that gave him before),  
  • decreased libido (sex drive),
  • indifference, vision of life (present, past and future) in black.  

It often happens that being in a depressed state, the person himself is unable to see a doctor. And here his relatives and close people must certainly help him: to persuade, to invite a specialist at home, to start a course of treatment with all his might.     

In the event that there are / even once / statements about the death , or attempts (preparation) for this – inpatient medical care must be provided immediately!       

There are situations when the salvation of our family and friends depends on an attentive attitude to their condition. Depression is where procrastination can really cost your life. At the same time, this disease is quite treatable, you can get out of depression, you just need to be in time.       

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