Chronic fatigue and depression

Posted onMarch 3, 2021

At the present time, when the pace of life, especially in big cities, is that there is practically no possibility to stop and make a break, doctors are increasingly faced with the phenomenon of the so-called chronic fatigue.     

Its main symptom, which in turn is one of the signs of depression, is a feeling of loss of energy and high fatigue. But, unlike depression, which is included in the group of affective disorders, it is affect (that is, emotions) that suffer less in chronic fatigue syndrome. On foreground muscle weakness, constantly feel tired, not passing without even looking at the long sleep and rest.                   

Chronic fatigue syndrome, in contrast to depressive disorders, was described for the first time relatively recently. He is diagnosed in mainly from residents of large cities.     

In domestic medical practice, CFS was described for the first time in 1991 , at the same time the researchers identified several groups of the population, especially susceptible to this condition. These include the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident and the residents of contaminated areas, patients after surgery (most often – cancer after chemo – and radiation therapy), people with chronic inflammatory diseases. And the last category includes people with high material wealth, more often they are businessmen forced to work a lot, in whose life there are a lot of emotional stress and little physical activity.             

In world practice, viral infections (herpes simplex, Epstein-Bar), immune disorders are considered hypothetical reasons for the development of chronic fatigue syndrome, and some experts tend to believe that this is one of the forms of depression with an atypical course.      

Both diagnosis and treatment of CFS are very difficult. So, first of all, during the examination, you will need to differentiate it from other diseases with similar symptoms. A treatment called the most diverse, since it does not to completely clear the causes of this condition. In mainly high-calorie diet is recommended, orderly daily routine to always to sleep hygiene, vitamins and restorative physio -Procedures. In general, the treatment of this ailment most often comes from work with the most pronounced symptoms. Such symptomatic treatment is able to “extinguish” the most alarming and difficult manifestations, but, unfortunately, it is not able to work with the cause.                  

Thus, the question of the relationship between CFS and depression remains unclear . Some sources note that depression can often accompany this phenomenon, and therefore consider it necessary to use antidepressants. However, there is still no conclusive evidence of the effectiveness of antidepressant use in suspected CFS.        

In any case, remember that normally a healthy person needs 6 to 8 hours of sleep per day to fully recuperate. And after even a short vacation, we should feel refreshed. If this is not the case, if you constantly feel tired for a long time , consult a doctor.               

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