How to deal with spring depression

Many people are susceptible to spring depression. At first glance, spring and depression, words with the opposite meaning and can’t stand nearby. This period is closely associated with nature awakening after a long winter hibernation. It seems that the mood should only improve.

There is no consensus on the factors that cause spring depression. But doctors and other specialists have one conviction – the changes are guilty. The discrepancies are only in the details: some believe that the body’s resources have dried up after winter and it is necessary to replenish them. Others argue that the body goes into an energetic phase and requires more sun energy. Still others say that human biorhythms are to blame.

So what if you suddenly find yourself in the net of spring depression? Now they talk a lot about healthy proper nutrition – of course, you need to add more fresh vegetables and fruits to the diet, for leading a healthy lifestyle, it is important regardless of the time of year.

It is important to reverse the negative train of thought and rebuild yourself in a new way. The most effective solution is to actively engage in sports, but this requires a serious attitude and time. By the beginning of classes, spring may end.

Hiking is recommended as a good alternative. Generally speaking, this type of load is very useful and most suitable. And in the case of depression, with its help you can immediately get a lot of benefits in the form of:

• Soft workload • Positive emotions from singing birds and blooming plants. • Blue sky and bright sun. • Fresh impressions 

Fresh impressions are extremely important in any depressed and depressive states. They help distract from all the negative, and capture completely. So we are arranged – the new is more interesting, even if it is not at all different from the old.

Therefore, you can add other sources of new things to walks – a new hobby, new acquaintances, trips to nature for the weekend. A walk in new clothes and a new acquaintance at this time especially helps. With prolonged and prolonged depression, some medicinal plants that have a stimulating effect can help . 

This is enough for the spring depression to recede. And it will help to finish off a lot of fresh air and light. The room where we spend most of the time should be well lit and ventilated.

And finally, do not forget about the smile – in this case, the spring depression will recede irrevocably.

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