Doctors called diseases that worsen in winter

The high incidence of certain diseases in the winter is the result of adverse weather conditions and prolonged stay indoors.

As well as weakening of general immunity, and weakened resistance of the skin and mucous membranes to seasonal viruses, bacteria and allergens.

Among the most common diseases in the winter, of course, one should name the epidemic of respiratory diseases and flu, the risk of heart attacks and bone fractures in slippery streets also increases.

An increase in the incidence of seasonal acute respiratory infections (from the common cold, flu, bronchitis to potential complications such as inflammation of the ear and lungs) and exacerbations of existing diseases such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, autoimmune skin diseases, rheumatic diseases, herpes fever and herpes, especially , in older and immunocompromised people.

In winter, diseases of the urogenital system (inflammation of the prostate, ovary, bladder and kidneys) in both sexes caused by light clothing are also more common.

However, this list of health problems has not yet ended, because in the winter many of us jump over well-known holiday stress, and after the holidays, we are usually worried about depression.

Doctors remind that it is important for health to dress in clothes that keep warm, wrap yourself in a warm scarf, wear a hat, gloves and warm boots.

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