Fighting Autumn Depression

With the change of season, when the sunny and merry summer is replaced by a sad slushy autumn, many begin to feel some heaviness, emptiness. Getting out of bed is becoming more difficult, I don’t want to smile, irritability increases. Autumn depression – the phenomenon in modern life is almost normal, few people are not affected by it. But living in this state is not worth it. Psychologists are strongly advised to combat lethargy and stress due to the fact that it tends to develop into a deeper, pathological state. The fight against autumn depression is needed first of all to the person himself. If you live in a state of chronic fatigue for a long time, this cannot but affect the physical and spiritual condition. Today, there is a triad of deadly diseases that residents of large cities are familiar with firsthand – cancer, cardiovascular and psychological diseases.

The fight against autumn depression is all the more difficult because the forces are already undermined, you don’t want to resist, but you need to do something, force yourself. A depressive state can develop in several ways: gradually, a person himself may not notice that his psychological state begins to roll dangerously, and at the same time, when a person just suddenly drops his hands. In order to notice changes in time, you need to know the signs of burnout. Firstly, it is a sleep disorder, as a result of which fatigue, headaches, and physical weakness appear. Secondly, appetite disorders, which can be expressed either in a loss of interest in food or in an increased need for food. Thirdly, with depression, the person seems to go out externally, he begins to have problems with the skin, it acquires an unusual shade, the hair grow dull, it begins to fall out, and the nails peel.

The fight against autumn depression will be more effective if you know what caused it. In the middle lane, emotional fatigue syndrome can be caused by an infectious disease. Especially if it is chronic. In autumn, the disease is activated again, and will undermine psychological stability from the inside. The second reason can be a long stay in a state of emotional stress – constant hard work, problems in the family, a frantic rhythm of life. All this affects the psyche, and at one terrible moment it may not stand. A third reason for the development of chronic fatigue syndrome and autumn depression can be a sedentary lifestyle. The fact is that a lack of physical activity negatively affects not only the physical condition of the body, but also the brain.

If you know what caused the development of emotional breakdown, then the fight against autumn depression will be twice as easy. In this case, as they say, a wedge is beaten out by a wedge. If the reason lies in the presence of an infectious disease, then you need to undergo a medical examination. Successful detection and treatment of the disease normalizes not only the physical condition, but also helps to get out of depression. If the problem lies in the too fast pace of life, when there is no time to just sit and quietly, without rushing anywhere, to drink tea, then you just need to take a little time off, leave, and have an emotional rest. You can change the situation by going to visit someone or on an excursion to another city, or you can stay at home, slowly come to your senses, wander around the shops, go for a relaxation massage. A good rest in body and soul will help yoga exercises based on breathing practices.

Similar advice can be given to those who are depressed due to lack of physical activity. You need to get out of the house, attend either the gym, or other types of physical exercises. If you are not actively pursuing activities, it is best to start walking for a long time, choosing unfamiliar routes. Horseback riding helps a lot. As a rule, for most people this type of recreation is new, because horse riding will help to get distracted. Horses, as well as dolphins, are animal therapists, communication with them allows you to relax. In addition, the fight against autumn depression involves the optimization of nutrition, water balance and sleep and wakefulness. It is a full and healthy sleep that can become the main means of combating poor health.

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