Exercise for depression

Exercise for depression is free, healthy, and absolutely free of any side defects. Exercise has been shown to help prevent potential bouts of depression, as decreased mobility is one of the manifestations of a depressive state.      

Exercises that improve oxygen metabolism (jogging, swimming, riding a bike), and so the heavy lifting can significantly alleviate depression mild or moderate or enhance the effectiveness of the treatment of severe.   

Even a walk can bring tangible benefits. Exercise combined with psychotherapy and / or medication can help you cope with depression much faster. Another point is important here : the effect of exercise can be long-term. So, in the course of the experiments, it was found that people who regularly exercise, even after seven years, reduced anxiety and depression.         

Why is exercise beneficial?

  • They distract a person from the experiences typical of a depressive disorder.  
  • Exercise for depression increases self-esteem: a sense of accomplishment, winning a round of sports, etc. make a person successful.  
  • Exercises involving group / pair activities (dance, aerobics) reduce feelings of isolation.
  • Physical activity with access to nature harmonizes the inner state of a person: even a walk in the forest / park or weeding garden beds in the country can give a feeling of satisfaction.    
  • On a biological level, physical activity helps release those chemicals ( endorphins ) in the brain that lift your mood and even reduce pain.   

How much time to spend on exercise for depression?

It is enough to do exercises that improve oxygen metabolism only 2-5 times a week for 30-40 minutes. Do not start with such a load right away – increase it gradually. None of the exercises are effective if they feel too hard. You can start simply by walking. Most people with depressive disorder are difficult to get up, so start small.               

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