Depressive States – Prevention

Depression is a common problem in 21st century society that we encounter frequently in our clinic. And it’s not easy to deal with it. Therefore, the doctors of the clinic of restorative neurology understand that depression is better to prevent. To do this, you need to work on your own psychology and lifestyle. Because the phrase “a healthy mind in a healthy body” is directly related to the prevention of depression.

Psychological moments

  1. The main cause of depression is constant frequent stress. Learn to avoid them, quickly get out of conflict situations. The implementation of this paragraph depends only on ourselves.
  2. If there is a global goal in life, then it is better to break the process of moving towards it into more short stages. You need to focus as often as possible on solving current tasks that are easy to complete at a particular point in time.
  3. In a difficult situation, do not forget that there are people whose situation is much worse than yours. Compare yourself with these people and see how everything in your life is more favorable than theirs.
  4. It is necessary to treat your own psychological potential sparingly. Live in those rhythms that are comfortable and cozy for you. You should not waste your energy in vain, it is also pointless to “compete” with someone in success.
  5. Let go of deceptive values in life. Realize that they bring much more suffering than positive emotions. Try not to be consumerist.
  6. Knowing your worth, do not seek to enter into quarrels with people who do not deserve it.
  7. Focus on the little joys that life brings. Learn to enjoy even the smallest positive.

Lifestyle advice

  1. It is necessary to strengthen your own willpower by all available means. As an option – morning exercises, which must be performed every day. Running and swimming are sports that have a beneficial effect on the emotional background. The body welcomes any sport.
  2. Yoga classes help to stabilize the psycho-emotional background.
  3. Try to drink alcohol as little as possible. If you smoke, then take the trouble to quit this habit.
  4. Wear only clothes and shoes that are comfortable for you.
  5. Optimize the mode of your day, especially labor. There must be periodic five-minute breaks in work.
  6. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night. At the same time, you should be comfortable in bed.
  7. Optimize your diet. Be sure to include fresh fruits, vegetables, vitamin complexes in it daily.

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