Depression in a pregnant woman can cause autism in a child

According to American scientists, depression in a woman during pregnancy can be a serious risk factor regarding the mental health of the unborn baby.

Experts note that a depressed state can provoke the appearance of problems such as autism and ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Scientists analyzed data on thousands of healthy children, as well as thousands of children who suffer from these problems, and as a result concluded that depression, untreated or untreated mental disorder in women increases the risk of developing these disorders in children.

The psychiatrist Dipan Sinh, an employee of the clinic at Winthrop University of New York, added that depression can cause premature birth, low birth weight, late toxicosis, and it also causes postpartum depression and suicidal tendencies. According to statistics, depressive states are observed in approximately 20% of young mothers.

That is why experts strongly recommend that all women and their spouses during pregnancy maintain a favorable emotional atmosphere in the family.

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