Psychological and social causes of depression

These factors – psychological and social – always go hand in hand, it is not always easy to separate them , and the system of “mutual guarantee” is understandable here even to a non-specialist. In people whose body is genetically, biologically predisposed to depression, inadequate mechanisms of psychological defense can usually be formed under the influence of upbringing. Very often, the cause of depression can be found in the shortcomings of upbringing ( and is it possible to find a person on Earth who has received an ideal upbringing ?!) and in a multitude of adverse social problems, “whose name is legion.”                 

Psychologists distinguish personality types among people with a certain character, a set of properties and ways of responding to external influences. Some researchers note that for the most part, three personality types are prone to developing depression :      

  • This is the so-called ” statotimic personality” , distinguished by hard work, accuracy and exaggerated conscientiousness.  
  • Another type is a personality of the “melancholic type” , characterized by a desire (in many respects excessive) for order, constancy, pedantry, increased self -exactingness and conscientiousness in performing the assigned work.      
  • The third type is a “ hypothetical personality” with its tendency to depressed mood, anxiety, feelings of self- doubt and feelings of inadequacy. This personality type usually has a positive quality – a special talent for empathy, which, however, can also be excessive, causing no less harm than good.            

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