Medicines in the treatment of mental health disorders

One of the ways to treat mental health disorders is drug therapy. For some disorders, drug therapy is necessarily necessary; in the case of others, one of the possible alternatives. For example, diagnosed depression is recommended to be treated with a combination of drug and psychotherapy.

Drug therapy makes possible a meaningful life for sufferers with severe enough disorders. Every year, more than 700,000 Finns, at least from time to time, use some medicine designed to treat mental health disorders. Despite the prevalence of the use of psychotropic drugs, their use still sometimes causes shame and prejudice. In the worst cases, this leads to the fact that a person in need of medication refuses to use them, which makes them feel worse.

Psychotropic drugs should be treated in the same way as drugs for somatic diseases. With the help of drugs, it is possible to alleviate, prevent or cure the various symptoms of intolerable sensual hallucinations. Medication, quality of symptoms, and individual factors influence medication choices.

Sometimes, finding the right medicine can take a long time. Nevertheless, psychotropic drugs are well researched, so doctors can determine which group of drugs will benefit a particular patient. The effectiveness of psychotropic drugs is based on the fact that they affect the central nervous system and the substances through which electrical impulses are transmitted from nerve cells (= neurotransmitters or neurotransmitters).

Taking psychotropic drugs always ends as instructed by the doctor.

In the process of completing the medication, various symptoms may occur, such as excessive sweating, headache and dizziness. These so-called final symptoms may occur, for example, at the end of antidepressants, despite the fact that antidepressants do not cause physical dependence. The use of sedatives, in contrast, leads to addiction, but this risk can be reduced in various ways. Read more on drug addiction.

So, the final symptoms only rarely indicate the development of drug dependence, on the contrary, they arise as a natural reaction of the body that has become accustomed to using drugs to reducing the level of drugs. Because of the final symptoms, medication is usually stopped gradually, i.e. dose is reduced from time to time.

If the final symptoms do not disappear in time, for example, in cases of depression, you should consult a doctor. Sometimes it may happen that medication is stopped too early or depression has resumed. The doctor can make a prediction when the final symptoms should stop.

Do not forget to take your medication!

The drug does not have the desired effect if the instructions for use are violated.

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