How to resist the spring depression

Spring depression is a fairly common case. The prolonged absence of the sun causes a deficiency of vitamin D in us, the reserves of other nutrients accumulated in the summer are also exhausted during the autumn-winter period.

All this, combined with prolonged stressful situations and suppression of one’s own emotions, is highly likely to provoke depression. Let ‘s figure it out: how to maximally protect your body from a state of depression and apathy, and meet the spring with a smile?         

Respect your body

Do not neglect the prescribed sleep rate, cleanse your diet of heavy foods and cultivate a love for regular physical activity. Develop a regime that is right for you and then you will be able to recover your strength to the fullest.        


Having an activity that brings peace of mind and good spirits at the same time is very important for maintaining the balance of a person’s psychological health. In his absence, do not be afraid to expand horizons and experiment in search of yourself and your outlet.      

Protect yourself

In all spheres of your life, define clear boundaries of what is permissible, which will allow you to protect you from negative emotions. Learn to say no, and not inconvenience yourself. DO NOT END! Relieve discomfort and define your territory.       

Accept yourself

Being aware of all your advantages and disadvantages is an important aspect of peace of mind. Don’t torment yourself by being afraid to ask for help or reveal your feelings and feelings to someone . Only after receiving a response can you set up a relationship and get rid of contrived problems.       

Surround yourself with a pleasant atmosphere, make yourself some gift, for example, finally buy that expensive blouse that you really like, or arrange a day at the spa or an evening of your favorite comedy films, lying on the couch with popcorn. 

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