How to determine your level of depression

Each person may have a bad mood or well-being. If it does not change for several days or continues to deteriorate, then you can safely diagnose depression. But depression is not always associated with ordinary fatigue or anxiety. This may be a symptom of a serious adrenal dysfunction. Scientists have been developing a method for a long time that can distinguish attacks of hypochondria from dangerous failures in the body and indicate deep neuroses. Currently, such a study has appeared, created in the Moscow clinic of medicine and cybernetics.

The developed method is a unique test, which, by the level of various hormones, their quantity and quality indicators, can reveal neurotic diseases in the early stages. In every living organism, there are three hormones responsible for stress resistance: dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine.

The essence of the study is that the patient must pass a series of tests for all of the above hormones. Then the subject undergoes a special procedure: immersion for one minute in a cryosauna . The temperature at which the experiment takes place is minus one hundred degrees. This is a serious test for any living organism. After the experience, the patient re-donates blood for the level of hormones in the blood. This study allows you to establish the degree of stress resistance.

The first participants in the experiments with staying in extreme cold conditions were absolutely healthy people and the doctors themselves working at the institute. For the objectivity of the study, tests for hormones were twice passed by those patients who had not been in a cryosauna . After staying in the cold, all healthy people have levels of adrenaline and other similar hormones that rise hundreds of units above the permissible level. However, in extreme situations, this is not only permissible, but absolutely normal. In people with small deviations of a neurotic nature, the level of hormones does not change, which indicates small deviations. In some patients who have serious disorders, in the proposed circumstances, the level of adrenaline is sharply underestimated. This phenomenon indicates that the adrenal glands are unable to produce hormones due to their depletion or lack of energy.

This study is designed to help scientists distinguish between fatigue and depression, control the disease and prescribe effective treatment. Statistical data showed that already now, after applying a specific study, the patients underwent early diagnosis. A significant number of patients experienced an improvement in their well-being.

Currently, experiments on the study of hormones and their effect on the body continue. The Institute of Medicine and Cybernetics has developed a special program “Life without neuroses”, which interested many scientists from other scientific institutions and is widely popular among the population.

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