How to defeat depression? Sad, it’s time!

The everyday everyday environment in which a modern person lives, in itself, has the potential that stress and nervous disorders daily attack the human brain. This is feelings for any reason, and stressful situations at work, and discord in the family, with a loved one, and excessive processing at the computer, and poor-quality third-rate films on TV …

You can list endlessly. But, as long as you do not keep this list, stress in itself will not go anywhere. And in the future, it can generally develop into a serious mental disorder.

If you have already managed to get a charge of negative emotions at work, children were upset by your school grades, your loved one does not understand at home, in general, you have accumulated negativity in full, follow the rules outlined below. These helpful tips will help relieve stress a bit and improve your well-being.     

In a stressful state, basically, a person feels broken, lonely, cornered. Everything gets on the nerves, depresses and annoys. Let’s formulate a few simple rules that should be followed in a stressful state. 

First , never stay in the dark. Even the night lamp above the bed will not improve your condition the way a chandelier on the ceiling does. The brighter the light and the more rooms in the apartment are lit, the better you will feel.

Secondly , staying at home yourself, do not watch scary and depressing films. This is an additional negative burden on your brain.

Thirdly , if you are single, talk more on the phone, invite friends and relatives. If you close yourself in four walls and in yourself, this will only aggravate the situation and your depression can become very aggressive. The best communication for you can be small children – so funny, easy and joyful. 

Plan 30 minutes of outdoor walks every day. It should be crowded places, for example, parks, busy streets, shops, and, of course, walks should take place only during daylight hours. Darkness exacerbates …

If you have the opportunity not to go to work (if your depression is related to the workplace), then it is better to take this opportunity. Even if processing saves you from stress, you should not abuse it anyway. This will help only for a certain period, but not forever. And in the future, it can only aggravate your condition, for example, problems at home, plus one more thing: I got this job … Here you already have two problems.

Also, do not look into the glass. This is no secret to anyone, and explanations are probably not required. In addition , it is harmful to health and you can do a lot of bad things, especially in a depressed state.   

Have you been cleaning the house for a long time? Maybe it’s time to do this? Sometimes an elementary guidance of cleanliness can bring satisfaction and even enjoy the result of your actions; and it turns out that not everything in the world is as bad as you imagined. Give it a try!

Do you know that bright warm colors accelerate the way out of depression? Buy yellow fruits or vegetables. This color is especially pleasing to the eye, and it will also heal your soul. You can put the zucchini on the bedside table beside you. Today it is a talisman for you. And eat it tomorrow. The benefits are twofold, right?  

Feel free to contact your friends for help. They will always help you cheer up. Asking friends for help is not shameful. It is better to seem weak than to turn out to be moronic without coping with depression. Just do not invite those who can come with a bottle of something!

Sign up for the pool. Water relieves stress, tone the muscles, allows you to “stretch” the lungs. There is no possibility – take a shower, bath, wash more often. Water washes away bad energy. 

Listen to music that calms: Enigma, Eru, some mantras – this puts the brains in order. If you have a desire to circle, somehow move to this music, use this opportunity. Music is a great source of strength for mind and body! 

Invite a massage therapist. Make your body, and therefore the soul, pleasant. This will relieve stress and reduce depression.

In autumn , as in winter, nature freezes and we slow down with it. But all this oppression can and should be avoided. Indulge in a quiet, dormant park, moving piles of yellow leaves, listening to your favorite music on headphones, spend an extra evening with relatives, friends and relatives. And you will certainly feel relieved, calmed, satisfied with life …  

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