Getting rid of depression: causes and ways to overcome a depressive state

Posted onOctober 6, 2019

Bouts of depression affects all people. Moreover, much more than bouts of joy and vivacity. And this spleen and apathy is not always associated with unpleasant events or mental disorders. Our body is complex. The physical state affects the emotional in the same way as vice versa – psychological problems are transformed into diseases of the body. Therefore, depression is a serious thing, but it can and should be fought. Depression is a many-sided girlfriend, comes unexpectedly and for various reasons. Let’s look at the causes, ways to combat and prevent this trouble.    

Seasons and Physiology

The change of seasons , of course, affects all living organisms. In the fall, under the influence of cold weather and with a decrease in sunlight, we begin to mope. Getting up in the morning is getting harder, we spend less time in the fresh air and we don’t feel joy about the upcoming winter. In the spring we are tormented by vitamin deficiency and unstable weather. 

What to do?

Well, firstly, it’s convincing to tell myself that it’s sad not because I am bad or a failure, but the body just needs help. Vitamins will help maintain the body normal, and the spirit in vigor. After all, when the body begins to “stick out” from weakened immunity, then the soul is not up to flight. Eat more fruits. Now, thank God, this is not a problem. On the shelves there are always lemons, oranges, bananas, apples, greens. And in the fall it is also seasonal fruit.  

Take the vitamins that we are offered in pharmacies or as dietary supplements. The fact is that no matter how hard we try to eat properly and variably, there will still be a shortage of certain vitamins in the body. And for a normal healthy state you need to periodically take a course of vitamins. In case of a nervous system disorder, it is very good to “feed” the body with B vitamins, in the winter-spring period an additional source of vitamin C is needed. 

Girls still have to deal with the so-called PMS when the hormonal background changes, and for some unknown reason weeping and irritability are haunting us. If you start this condition, it can also develop into depression. Do not allow this. Cried, and went to the pharmacy for homeopathic remedies for women. Ingestion of flaxseed oil also helps to smooth out the hormonal background and feel more relaxed these days.  

Sleep and peace

Overwork and stressful situations are often the cause of depression. If you are tired so that it is unbearable even to get out of bed, have experienced severe stress, then the best medicine will be hours of sleep and immersion in silence and loneliness. Nothing is more expensive than health, and a worker with a frustrated psyche is unlikely to bring much benefit to the enterprise. Take a couple of days off for a weekend, or better yet, a vacation. Take care of yourself. Sleep as much as your body needs to recover completely. 

In difficult periods of life, I can sleep for two or three days, getting out of bed only for food. Allow yourself to do absolutely nothing. Let there be a mess in the apartment, unwashed dishes, and it is advisable that none of the households send them to their grandmother’s cottage. In such a state of complete rest and “doing nothing”, not only the physical strengths of the overworked body are restored, but also the psyche is cleansed of any negative. By the end of the third or fifth day, you will want to live, work, move, smile. Rest and peace will do the trick.  

Active life position and hobbies

Idleness is death for the soul and body. If a person has not realized himself in life, cannot find a use for himself, a severe form of depression may develop. It is very important for us to be recognized and appreciated. Down with idleness! Take every minute of your life so that even thoughts do not arise about boredom. Find in the depths of memory what you dreamed of doing as a child or as a student, and devote an hour to your free time. 

I dreamed of watching and painted woodwork? Fine! Find a teacher on this art, take a few lessons, buy the necessary materials and go for it. Everyone is talented by nature. It is only necessary to give the opportunity to realize these talents. Even if you do not become a great artist and do not exhibit at the Hermitage, you will definitely give yourself an hour of daily happiness.  

Employment and passion does not give the possibility of destructive thoughts to penetrate into our brain. Sport is one of the best cures for depression and a great hobby. We just do not have time to become depressed if we spend the whole day like a squirrel in a wheel: have time everywhere, talk to everyone, work, and then jump in the gym, ran home – tired, happy, and sleep. In addition, everyone knows that physical activity contributes to the production of seratonin – the hormone of happiness. Therefore, we stomp to the gym for happiness!    

Philosophy of life

It is always very difficult to experience setbacks and troubles . It is very useful for people with a weak nervous system, prone to self-flagellation and experiences, to learn the technique of auto-training in order to relax and calm down during periods of nervous tension. If you have such a tendency to excessive unrest, do not bring your condition to depression, warn her. And in general, it’s always useful to remember the golden wisdom of King Solomon: “And this also will pass.” Remember this more often. Indeed, everything passes, and troubles, and life. Should I spend it on depression? 

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