Female depression in family life

Depression is a painful condition that manifests itself in a violation of the mental and physical functions of a person. The characteristic signs of manifestation of depression are the loss or decrease of volitional qualities, loss of appetite and sleep, decrease in body weight and interest in life, depressed mood, impaired memory and attention, slowness and passivity. 

According to global statistics, women suffer from depression 3 times more often than men. However, among men and women under the age of 28, the prevalence of depressive disorders is the same. In married women, the number of such violations increases markedly. Worker women are also less likely to be depressed than female housewives.  

This predisposition of women of childbearing age to depression is largely associated with changes in hormonal levels. Depending on the physiological characteristics of the female body, the composition and amount of hormones in her body often changes, which affects the metabolic processes of the brain and the mental state of the woman.  

The cause of depression in women is also a feature of her character. After all, everyone knows that the weaker sex is more emotional, reacts brighter to difficulties in life. Many modern women have problems with expressing anger. This is mainly to blame for the social norms of a society that requires women that she, no matter how difficult it is, should always be sweet and charming. Trying to always be a good wife or mother, a woman, when she has anger at loved ones, begins to cry, reproach, be offended and feel guilty about herself. And this is not anger at all, but simply an insult. Thus, women suppress the feeling of anger, and the constant suppression of this crucial emotion leads to depressive disorders. 

The most common causes of depression are loss: the death of a parent or child, the breakdown of a love or marital relationship, tremors associated with the loss of expensive things. Women more emotionally perceive problems in families and react to them more painfully. Especially housewives who devote themselves only to home are deprived of psychological support and they have underestimated the self-esteem that professional activities provide. Often husbands behave dishonestly and disregard women’s domestic work, which complicates the already not very cloudless life of women.  

A simple decline in strength and mood does not mean that you have depression. If phenomena such as insomnia, nightmares in a dream, constant anxieties that prevent you from sleeping soundly have appeared, then you can talk about the first signs of depression. And if such situations are repeated systematically, a woman should pay special attention to her health condition and seek medical help. You should not expect that this condition will go away on its own, because depression is a disease, and like any other disease it must be treated. The sooner you seek help from a specialist, the better. 

Depressive disorder can last for years, and with timely treatment for depression, you can get rid of it in a month. Having ascertained the specific events and situations that contributed to the manifestation of depression, having studied the characteristics of the character, upbringing, and habits of women, experts give advice on how to properly respond emotionally to life situations, better understand their feelings and thoughts, and increase a woman’s self-esteem. 

In addition to the course of psychotherapy , in more complex cases of depression associated with metabolic disorders in the brain, a specialist prescribes antidepressants. All modern antidepressants are effective and safe drugs. Today, the pharmaceutical industry produces a huge number of depressants, which differ in therapeutic actions, methods of administration and dosage. 

Many women neglect to fight depression and do not pay much attention to the manifestation of depressive disorders. However, all women should clearly understand that such a neglect of their health is harmful not only for her body, but it has a huge impact on the quality of life of all her surrounding people. Indeed, with depression, it’s hard not only for a woman, but her personal and professional life completely freezes.  

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