Eight Depression Myths

Posted onMay 3, 2019

Today it is no secret to anyone that the tides during menopause exist. And that mood swings and depression are not women’s moods, as some claim, but the concomitant symptoms of menopause.

Climax and depression

According to the laws of medicine   climax   in women occurs after about 45 years. There are diagnostic methods that are almost 100% likely to indicate the onset of menopause – an ultrasound scan and an analysis of hormones. But in most cases, women themselves can make a diagnosis.Irritability, tearfulness, turning into despair, and depression – from moderate to severe – all these symptoms may indicate the onset of menopause. And if nervousness is reinforced by the autumn blues, a short light day, dreary weather and experiences, then it is even worse. And in this case, the quirky female mind begins to invent all sorts of versions on the topic of depression in women and ways to combat it. Today we will present the most common myths and tell you if they have a basis.

Anti-depression foods

They say that sweets help to cope with depression. In fact, the nature of this disorder is so diverse that it is quite difficult to give an unambiguous answer beyond a particular case. Indeed, some people, especially those with a tendency to heightened anxiety, seize depression, absorbing sweet  Food   a lot. And some of them actually help to lift your spirits. These are black chocolate, dates, figs, bananas, which owe their antidepressant properties to the content of tryptophan – the precursor to the hormone of happiness, serotonin. The use of these products helps to relieve tension for a while and calm down. However, a decrease in the level of this hormone is only one of the causes of depression. In the case of chronic stress, the level of stress hormone increases – cortisol, which, in addition to lowering mood, can lead to problems such as weight gain, increased pressure, mental disorder. With a high level of this hormone, a person can form a behavioral stereotype in which food intake becomes uncontrollable and turns into one of the ways to relieve tension, rather than alleviate hunger.

Depression in women develops more often than in men. And blame this climax and PMS

Indeed, depression in women develops more often than in men. But the assertion that only climax is to blame for this does not have scientific evidence. Unpleasant and sometimes painful symptoms of PMS or menopause can spoil the mood, like any other malaise, but it will not necessarily be depression in women.

Many diseases develop amid depression

Such a relationship actually exists. Various somatic disorders can be manifestations of depression. Previously, in the classifications of mental illness there was even such a definition as massed depression. It talked about disorders involving physical pain – headache, heart, joint, and eating disorders (bulimia and anorexia), sleep disorders, and so on. As a rule, such patients receive an appointment with a psychiatrist after other specialists cannot identify the cause of physical indisposition.

Social networking provokes signs of depression

Some people try to cope with the signs of depression through social networking. However, there is an opinion that any trolling or lack of likes for the selfies laid out can aggravate the depression even more. We will not categorically reject such a way of communication. Methods for getting rid of depression can be different, it depends on the nature of the disease and the reason for its development. But in any case, communication, both among friends and online, is a powerful factor that can have not only a negative impact on the human psyche, but also a positive one.

The magical properties of antidepressants

Argued that antidepressants are the best way to neutralize   signs of depression. Indeed, taking antidepressants is one of the steps on the road to recovery. By improving mood, depression medications give a person the opportunity to more adequately perceive the world around him and assess his own state. However, do not forget about the dangers of self. Antidepressants are serious drugs, the uncontrolled use of which can lead to the development of undesirable complications.

Bad mood is depression

It is believed that a bad mood, apathy, lack of desire to do something are 100% signs of depression. And there is no other way out of this situation, except as a treatment by a psychiatrist. This is fundamentally wrong. In fact, the blues, gloom, apathy, bad mood do not always become manifestations of depression. Moreover, in most cases, depressive states disappear without the help of a specialist. This is a mild mental disorder that was triggered by psychological stress. A favorable solution to the conflict or a change in attitude towards the situation destroys the cause of the discomfort and, accordingly, the reason for the experience. As a result, depression retreats. No wonder they say: “Let go of the situation, and it will become easier.”

Depression is a chronic disease

It is said that if a diagnosis of depression was made once, then it will definitely happen again, and not once. Not necessary. It all depends on the cause and severity of the disorder. If there is a genetic predisposition, this probability does exist. However, heredity is not the only and far from the main cause of this condition. And in all other cases, repetition may not be.

Severe depression can be managed without the help of a specialist

It is believed that the treatment of depression, even severe – it is a waste of money. It is better to take a vacation, go to the sea and rethink your life there. The decision will come by itself, and will remove everything as a hand. Such advice is often heard by people suffering from a severe form of the disease. In fact, in severe and moderately severe depression, rethinking of one’s past and future life often occurs in a negative context. Therefore, it is rather difficult to get out of this state without the help of a specialist.

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