Depression … with a female character

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It has long been observed that women suffer from depression much more often than men. Why is this happening?

Here are the main reasons:
women are more emotional and sensitive;
our ability to reflect is more pronounced, that is, we are more inclined to think about problems, especially in interpersonal relationships;
The “weak” gender actually carries a double burden: work and household chores.

It is not surprising that, as a result, sad thoughts and the inability to fully rest more and more often lead Russian women to depression. Moreover, “female depression” is getting younger: the average age of those prone to this emotional “malfunction” is from 30 to 40 years.

Mood, depression, stress …

How to determine whether you have depression or maybe just mood swings?

With a “real” depression:
you are indifferent to what previously surprised and pleased you.
A bad mood accompanies you constantly.
There are difficulties with concentration.
You become very indecisive, often experiencing anxiety and anxiety.
Significantly reduced appetite.
Sleep disturbances, insomnia appear.

If you observe most of these symptoms for more than two weeks, you can talk about depression.

Do not grab the pills!

Antidepressants, even supposedly “natural”, that is, consisting of plant components, are not at all a panacea for this ailment. Why? In depression, we usually distance ourselves from others, closing ourselves and experiencing our imaginary failures. Pills make a person as if indifferent to everything. You will not be sad, but you will not be happy either. Such artificial indifference does not contribute to the harmonization of relations with the outside world, since nature provides for a person to have a very rich spectrum of emotions. In addition, antidepressants can be addictive. You need to understand: they do not affect the internal source of depression, but only dull the severity of the reactions.

Do not get used to sleeping pills – otherwise soon you will not be able to fall asleep without a couple of pills, and you will have to painstakingly restore the natural rhythms of relaxation for a long time. Try to turn to the natural sources of nutrients – at first it will support the body. For example, the mood can stabilize the use of pineapples – they have vitamin B6 and serotonin. Oranges, red peppers, carrots are useful for brain function. Focus on apples, grapes and tomatoes.

As for drinks, you can only drink coffee and tea in the morning. Green tea is healthier than black. In the evening, it is better to drink milk, kefir or juices. You can use aromatic oils of lavender, juniper, rosemary, citrus.

Family and work

The stereotype of a successful modern woman holds her responsible both for her own career
and for the well-being of her family. Therefore, most often the source of traumatic experiences for her are events in her personal life and in the workplace.

A common cause of depression is divorce or separation from a man. Usually this greatly affects women’s self-esteem, especially if the man himself was not stingy with the charges. What you can do:
Resist the urge to recall the details of the conflict every free minute. Choose a time, take pity on yourself, surrender to your memories. Think about everything that happened. And try not to “let” sad thoughts into your inner world anymore, let them gradually move away, remaining in the past.
For the same reason, think over the answers to possible questions from your friends (“Why did you break up?”). Better if they are concise enough – the details are useless.
But with a loved one (maybe a girlfriend?), Speak everything in great detail. What he said, what you answered … This will help you realize and accept the fact that this period in your life is still over.
Distraction is simply necessary. “Going to work with your head” is a good way out. Perhaps you have long wanted to go on a trip (if possible) or to learn something new.

Of course, only the female lot and postpartum depression. The reasons for its occurrence are somewhat different.
As a rule, depression occurs if a young mother is constantly confronted with a lack of understanding of others: it is generally accepted that now is the happiest time in her life, while it is difficult for her from a lack of sleep and worries about the baby’s condition. Long and difficult childbirth, material difficulties, possible unwillingness to have a baby increase the likelihood of depression.

The main thing that mom needs to do is to establish a strict daily routine, be sure to set aside time “for herself”: sleep, rest and exercise. Such a measure will allow you to get rid of the feeling of “squirrels in the wheel.” Over time, proper nutrition, movement, walks, communication with the child will do their job – the body systems will begin to work in concert, and depression will pass.

But what if work becomes the cause of depression?

The likelihood of depression “for official reasons” is increased by:
adverse working conditions: noisy or stuffy room, uncomfortable workplace;
chaotic rhythm of work, when periods of heavy load are replaced by a lack of affairs; irregular working hours;
tensions in the team, conflicts with management or colleagues;
lack of prospects, the possibility of promotion or salary increase.

Of course, quitting is a rather radical option, but if deep down you thought about it before you were overtaken by depression, maybe this is really an option. Vacation will also help (during which you should not be visited by a single thought about work).
But if neither is possible, try the following.

Try to ensure a quality rest during the day. Be sure to use the lunch break for its intended purpose – for communication and lunch itself. At the end of the day, take stock, make plans for tomorrow and forget about business affairs until the next morning.

If you are considered an indispensable employee, this can suit everyone except yourself. Think about the responsibilities that you perform. Are there among them “superfluous” – that which can be delegated to others? Do you take the burden of other people’s affairs?

In dealing with stress, positive communication with colleagues will also help. Do not lock yourself in, keep in touch with those who work around. Well, if you have the opportunity to discuss your problems with someone, this will help you look at them from the side. The opinion of colleagues here is especially valuable, because we are talking about a problem that arose precisely because of work.

Choose the method of relaxation most pleasant for you (breathing techniques, a walk, listening to special melodies) and apply it as necessary.

And try with an effort of will to refuse excessive perfectionism, in particular, forgive yourself mistakes.

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