Depression? overweight? blame the lack of light!

Bad mood and excess weight from lack of light?

Many people notice that working capacity decreases in the autumn-winter period, they want to eat more and lie under the covers. Scientists say that all this is from a lack of light.

The psyche of people is very dependent on lighting. Scientists’ research shows that we are light-loving creatures. Let’s talk about how a short daylight affects us.

Dependence on light

Daylight has an impact on more than just our performance and mood. Our health depends on daylight. With a sufficient amount of light, the body’s immunity increases, it is easier for it to resist viruses and bacteria.

Our weight also depends on this factor. The fact is that through daylight the body receives a certain amount of energy. When this source of energy disappears, the body tries to make up for the lack of energy through food. We become hungry more. And, unfortunately, we want just fatty and sweet food, that is, the one from which we recover.

The production of certain hormones in the body is also dependent on light. This means that the lack of this factor can greatly affect our mood. This is especially true for women, because they are more hormone dependent.

How can one be saved?

How to behave in the autumn-winter period in order to avoid such influence of the lack of daylight:

  • In winter, there is still sun. On sunny days, be sure to go outside, “consume” the sun while you can.
  • Saving energy is great, but it can be harmful to your health. Sometimes, to cheer yourself up, you just need to turn on a bright electric light. It is not difficult to allow yourself this, especially when you consider that your good mood and slim figure depend on it. Even a professional psychologist will advise you . 
  • Add vibrant colors to clothes. Wear bright clothes at home, it also cheers up.
  • Use intense floral scents that will remind you of summer. It can also be citrus aromas.
  • Go in for sports. Physical education activates the hormonal system, helps restore metabolism, increases the production of happiness hormones. Start practicing even through “I don’t want” you will see, at the end of the workout your mood will improve. 
  • Support your body with artificial vitamins and a variety of foods. Natural antidepressants from food are: spinach, garlic.

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