About schizophrenia treatment

Some patients with schizophrenia are treated on an outpatient basis, but neither the patients nor their relatives underestimate the importance of the help of a psychologist and social assistance that the staff of the V.L. One minute to Moscow.

Yes, medications play a critical role in preventing flare-ups of the disease. But it should be constantly monitored and once a month to assess the effects of treatment with psychotropic drugs.

Periodically conducted courses for patients and their relatives – 25-30 sessions with a frequency of twice a week – have a positive effect. After them, the microclimate in the family changes, trust and cooperation with medical personnel, with specialists providing assistance (doctor, psychologist, social worker) is formed. But at the same time, educational courses cannot serve as a reliable means of preventing exacerbations of schizophrenia. 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy allows you to cancel treatment with psychotropic drugs earlier or adjust the dose of medication.

Social skills courses include the formation of household and hygiene habits, training in conflict resolution, time management, self-control and planning skills, and vocational rehabilitation. All this is the path to independent and independent living of the patient.

The complex issues of treatment remain open: when is it necessary to cancel psychotropic drugs, change strong drugs to weak ones, what are the cancellation criteria that allow you to effectively resolve these issues?

In our experience, small doses of classical antipsychotics can have a positive effect on the course of schizophrenia on an outpatient basis.

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