The cause of female heart attack is depression

Women who are experiencing depression in the postmenopausal period increase the risk of heart problems.

Researcher from New York Medical College. Alberta Einstein, along with her colleagues, conducted a study on the relationship of postmenopausal depression with various diseases. The material for this study was the medical history of 95 thousand women over a period of 4.5 years.

The study organizers found that signs of depression are observed in more than 16% of women during postmenopausal women. And accompany this condition of the disease of the heart and blood vessels.

Of all women experiencing postmenopausal depression, approximately 11% more cases of hypertension, 55% more women who have had a stroke and heart attack than among women whose psychological state is within normal limits. Representatives of the weaker sex who have not previously suffered from heart disease, the state of depression increases the risk of death due to heart attack or stroke by 2 times. 

It is necessary to take into account that the use of drugs that suppress the depressive state does not reduce the likelihood of developing heart diseases, nor does it interrupt the relationship of the depressive state with heart diseases.

Researchers have developed several schemes that interpret the relationship of these ailments – this is inhibition of the depressive state of lipid metabolism and the functioning of the autonomic system. Nevertheless, the reasons for this ratio remain unclear.

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